Update on the Students Building Project at Meeting of the Hostel Building Committee Held on January 6th, 2024

The Provost, Professor Olayinka Omigbodun FAS, provided a comprehensive update on the progress of the Students Building Project at the Meeting of the Hostel Building Committee which held on 6th January 2024.

The meeting primarily focused on progress updates from various committees overseeing different blocks. Notably, Block C, funded by the Ozuah Foundation, Block F funded by the Alumni donations, and Block D funded by the TY Danjuma Foundation were discussed.

The Provost, Professor Olayinka Omigbodun FAS and Deputy Provost, Professor A.F Adeniyi, were given the opportunity to present their reports. The Provost highlighted updates from contractors, gave a financial analysis, and a report of the College Accreditation visit by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) that was billed to hold from the 10th to the 12th of January 2024. She outlined progress on the Student Hostel Project giving information about the three blocks being constructed as well as the External Works.

The Provost detailed the financial aspects, including the cost breakdown of building projects and external works per block in Nigerian naira. She provided a breakdown of all alumni donations categorized by class, specifying contributions into ICOMAA North America Account, ICOMAA Worldwide Account, and ICOMAA Canada, alongside non-alumni donations. The conversion of funds for hostel blocks into naira, including disbursements from the ICOMAA Worldwide account for various purposes, was meticulously presented. Additionally, she discussed the statement of cash flow, covering inflow and outflow in naira, US dollars, Pounds, and Euros for the hostel blocks.

Thereafter, there was broad feedback from participants on the call.

Dr. Modupe Sokunbi nee Ogunnaike (ICOMAA NA Vice President and CoMUI MBBS Class of 1982) expressed gratitude to the Provost for the excellent work done. She emphasized that with all these reports, the Alumni would be encouraged to contribute more, given the clear progress. She noted the importance of reaching out to the alumni from the later classes of the '20s.

The Provost receiving feedback from the members of the Hostel Building Committee after her presentation

Dr. Nosamiefan Imina (ICOMAA NA Fundraising Co-Chair & CoMUI MBBS graduating Class of 1987) echoed previous sentiments and extended appreciation to the Provost for her presentation. He highlighted the need for strategic fundraising efforts, particularly emphasizing the role of alumni engagement. He suggested that everyone should be involved in fundraising initiatives.

Professor Babafemi Taiwo (CoMUI MBBS Class of 1991) commended the Provost for her efforts and suggested the sharing of regular updates or summaries of the work done on-site to keep interested parties informed. The Provost agreed to involve the College media team in the initiative to provide detailed and regular updates.

Professor Emmanuel Otolorin (ICOMAA worldwide President & CoMUI MBBS Class of 1972) expressed gratitude to the alumni members contributing to the Hostel Project. He proposed addressing the issue of power, suggesting solar panels or alternative electricity sources.

Dr. Layi Ajileye (ICOMAA United Kingdom and Ireland President & MBBS Class of 1997) discussed stimulating funding for the Hostel Project and proposed creating video slides to showcase the progress, particularly for communication with alumni in the UK and Ireland. He praised the Provost and her team for their work.

Dr. Titi Britto nee George (MBBS Class of 1986) suggested researching alternative electricity supplies for the College, like the Hostel Project, to present estimates to potential donors.

The Deputy Provost expressed gratitude to all distinguished alumni members for attending the meeting and emphasized the importance of visually documenting the work done for effective communication with the Alumni Body. The Provost expressed appreciation to the Co-Chairmen of the Hostel Building Committee, Professor Gbemisola Oke nee Aderinokun (BDS Class of 1981), Major General Dr. Shina Ogunbiyi mni (MBBS Class of 1982), the Project Advisor, Architect Bimbo Ogunbiyi nee Afolabi, and the ICOMAA Worldwide President Professor Otolorin.

Following the discussions, Gen. Dr. Ogunbiyi mni, expressed appreciation for everyone's input and assured that steps would be taken to address the raised concerns. He extended special thanks to key individuals involved in the Hostel Project and asked individuals present to do a personal introduction. Below is the list of members of the Building Committee present at the meeting as well as the Project Advisor, Client Representative, Accountants, Media Officer and Provost.

Building Committee Members Who Attended

Graduation Year

Prof. Gbemisola Oke (Co-Chair) (ICOMAA Nigeria)


Gen (rtd) Dr. Shina Ogunbiyi mni (Co-Chair) (ICOMAA Nigeria)


Prof. Dipo Otolorin (ICOMAA Worldwide President)


Dr. Modupe Sokunbi (ICOMAA North America)


Dr. Chinyere Obasi (ICOMAA North America)


Dr. Titi Britto (ICOMAA North America)


Dr. Jumi Banjo (ICOMAA Australia & New Zealand)


Prof. Babafemi Taiwo (ICOMAA North America)


Dr. Nosamiefan Imina (ICOMAA North America)


Dr Okechukwu Ogah (ICOMAA Nigeria)


Dr. Layi Ajileye (ICOMAA United Kingdom & Ireland)


Dr. Adeyemi Adedeji, (ICOMAA United Kingdom & Ireland)


Dr. Bisola Oyawa (Nee Oyero) (ICOMAA United Kingdom & Ireland)


Prof. A.F. Adeniyi (Secretary) (ICOMAA Nig)


Others present at this meeting were the Independent Technical Expert/Project Adviser Arc. Bimbo Ogunbiyi, the Hostel Project Adviser & Fund-Raising Coordinator, Professor Olayinka Omigbodun (ICOMAA Nigeria), the Client Representative, Arc. Dapo Ojo, Accountants Ms. Mary Aladelua and Ms. Esther Omole and the Media Officer Oluwaseun Abimbola.

Gen. Dr. Ogunbiyi mni appreciated everyone present in the meeting for their contributions, suggestions and comments. Major steps will be taken concerning those things mentioned. He specially thanked the President of ICOMAA Worldwide, Professor Dipo Otolorin, the Provost, the Deputy Provost, the accountants, and the media personnel involved in the Hostel Building Project.

Group photographs were taken, and the meeting ended after about 1 hour and 48 minutes of interactions.

Please Note an Important Update:

In the upcoming days, a comprehensive summary of the building project costs will be provided, inclusive of all donations made in various currencies – maintaining transparency and accountability in the fundraising efforts for the hostel construction project. This detailed breakdown will encompass the costs associated with each block of the building project, including the breakdown of money donated by each class. Interested alumni will have access to this information through a secure link.  Registration for access to this secure site can be done here: Click Here 

There has been much progress with the buildings since the last meeting and we will release several short updates. In the meantime, we are sharing the weekly updates of the Construction Activity Reporting Schedule for 22nd January, 29th January, 2nd February, 9th February, 16th February, 21st February, 1st March, 18th March, and 26th March, 2023, as signed by the Client Representative, Architect Dapo Ojo. The weekly reports can be viewed through this link here: Click Here

Please, note that this link extension is still under construction and the current interface will change in the coming days.

However, as stated, all financial updates will be provided through a secured link for continued follow-up on the building project, right from the time (January 6, 2024) the report was given by the Provost till now.  Furthermore, alumni can also ask questions and request for information on the state of the hostel including finances by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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