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Mr. Joseph E. ETHAKPEMI   
Head of Unit



The Unit
The Academic Office is a critical part of the College Central Administration and the College Office. It is directly under the supervision of the Secretary to the College, but headed by a Principal Assistant Registrar. Academic Office is made up of the following Units:

a) Records Unit
b) Examinations Unit
c) Admissions Unit
d) Computer Unit

1.1 Functions of the Unit

a) Records Unit
This is the Unit that has custody of the records (hard and soft copies) of all students - past and present. The Unit processes diverse academic requests from Undergraduate students who run programme in the College and Alumni. It is currently headed by a Chief Executive Officer.

b) Examinations Unit
The Unit carries out all functions relating to the conduct of Examinations such as:
i. Inspection of Examination venues prior to commencement of Examination.
ii. Inspection of the actual conduct of the Examinations in order to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations of the University
iii. Prepares Examinations result received from the Dean’s Offices for Faculty Board of Examiners meeting. It is currently headed by a Senior Executive Officer.

c) Admissions Unit
The Admissions Unit coordinates issues relating to Undergraduate Admissions and change of course matters in collaboration with the University Admissions Office.

d) Computer Unit
The Unit handles all students IT related matters including developing data base for students in the College. At the moment, a Chief Computer Operator is in charge of the Unit.

There is a Senior Assistant Registrar who is directly responsible to the Principal Assistant Registrar in the overall supervision of the Units and carrying out various other functions that Academic Office is saddled with.


1.2 Student Matters

a) Standard Operating Procedure for Fresh Student Registration
All newly admitted students into the College of Medicine are expected to register with the Records Unit of the Academic Office, College of Medicine within ONE WEEK of resumption of academic programme.

1. New Students are expected to provide and submit copies of the following items for their registration:
i. ‘Authority to pay’ slip
ii. Acceptance
iii. UTME Admission Letter
iv. UTME/Post UTME Result Slip
v. SSCE (O ’Level) Result Slip
vi. Four (4) recent black and white passport size photographs (with name, course and academic session written at the back of the passport photographs).
vii. Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age
viii. School fees receipt
ix. The original of the credentials shall be produced for sighting.
2. Students fill the Registration Chart.
3. Obtain, complete and sign the Yellow Form with the Faculty Officer of the appropriate Faculty.
4. Visit the College website (, register online, print the Registration Form and the College Print Out and submit to the Records Unit, Academic Office, College of Medicine, 3rd Floor, E. Oluwole Akande Administrative Building.
5. All enquiries on online registration should be directed to the Computer Room, Academic Office, College of Medicine, 3rd Floor, E. Oluwole Akande Administrative Building.
6. Students are advised to keep photocopy of their Registration and Examination Forms before submission at the Faculty Office.

b) Standard Operating Procedure for Students’ Course Registration
1. At the beginning of the First Semester of every Session, students are expected to complete their online course registration both on the University and College of Medicine Student Registration Portals.
2. Students shall print and present with evidence of payment, the hard copy of the Course Forms (UI and College Portals) to the Academic Office, College of Medicine for authentication.
3. Authenticated Forms are collected by the Students and taken to the Head of Department and/or Course Advisor for endorsement.
4. A Course Registration Form is not expected to be signed by the Head of Department and/or Course Advisor unless it has been authenticated by the Academic Office, College of Medicine.
5. Student collects the signed Course Form from the Head of Department and/or Course Advisor and takes same to the Academic Office, College of Medicine for further processing.
6. Students shall not be allowed to sit for any examination without the evidence of their Course Registration Forms (UI and College Portals).
7. All of this would be accomplished in synergy with the Information Technology Unit, College of Medicine.

c) Standard Operating Procedure for Examination Registration
1. Students are to fill ONLINE the Examination Registration Form on their College Portal within 21 days of the Call for Examination Registration.
2. Students shall print the duly completed Examination Form and submit to the Faculty Office for further processing.
3. The Faculty Office shall collate and forward the duly completed Examination Forms to the Academic Office for further processing.
4. Students who do not register within the statutory 21 days notice of registration for examinations shall not be allowed to sit for the Examination.

d) Standard Operating Procedure for Suspension and Resumption of Studies
1. Students who wish to suspend/resume their study shall write a letter of suspension/resumption of study through their Head of Department to the Dean.
2. The Head of Department endorses the letter and forwards same to the Faculty Office for further processing.
3. The Faculty Board shall take decision on the request at its meeting.
4. If the meeting of the Faculty Board will not hold within 30 days of the receipt of the request, the Dean is expected to approve executively on behalf of the Faculty Board.
5. The Faculty Office will thereafter seek the approval of the Academic Board at its next meeting.
6. If a meeting of the Academic Board will not hold within 30 days after the Faculty Board’s approval, the Faculty Office is expected to forward the student’s request to the Office of the Provost for executive approval on behalf of the Academic Board.
7. The Provost’s executive approval is expected to be ratified at the next meeting of the Academic Board.
8. The University Senate shall give a final approval to the decision of the Academic Board.

e) Standard Operating Procedure for Admission/Change Of Course Exercise
Admission processes are centrally carried out by the University Admissions Office through a Committee set up for the purpose. However, the College Academic Office coordinates all admission matters regarding programmes domiciled in the various Faculties/Departments in the College.

1. 200 level students who wish to change their courses or students who have been advised to withdraw from a course are required to obtain duly signed Change of Course Forms from the University Administrative Data Processing Unit on the Main Campus after a notice has been released for that purpose.
2. Students submit their forms to the Office of the Principal Assistant Registrar (Academic) College of Medicine, 3rd Floor, E. Oluwole Akande Administrative Building.
3. The Principal Assistant Registrar (Academic)collates and arranges the Forms in ascending order of CGPA, for the different Courses/Programmes
4. A list of the collated forms is sent to the Provost for approval
5. The Provost thereafter approves a date for the meeting where successful candidates are determined.
6. Forms of successful candidates are taken to the Provost for endorsement.
7. Signed forms are collected by the students and taken back to the main campus for further processing.
8. Successful candidates shall:
i. Sign out from their current Department/Faculty
ii. Take the Change of Course Form to the new Department/Faculty and sign in
iii. Take the Form to the University Administrative Data Processing Unit (ADPU).
iv. Submit a copy of the signed Change of Course Form at the Records Unit, Academic Office, College of Medicine, 3rd Floor, E. Oluwole Akande Administrative Building.
v. Obtain, fill and submit, the Student Status Form (Yellow Form), at the Records Unit, Academic Office, College of Medicine, 3rd Floor, E. Oluwole Akande Administrative Building.

f) Standard Operating Procedure for Collection of Raw Marks for Processing of Transcript

Student shall,
1. Fill in the necessary details and Print the Transcript Request Form
2. Take the Request Form to the Records Unit, Academic Office, College of Medicine, 3rd Floor, E. Oluwole Akande Administrative Building and Obtain the Authority to Pay or Payment Advice.
3. Then:
i. Visit
ii. Click on “Pay a Federal Government Agency”
- Name of MDA: College of Medicine, University of Ibadan
- Name of Service/Purpose: e.g. COM UI-ETF INCOME
- Click on Administrative & Processing Fee
- Faculty/Department/Gender: Academic
- Payer’s E-mail
iii. Generate and print the Remita Payment Advice
4. The Remita Payment Advice is taken to any Commercial Bank (including Unibadan Microfinance Bank) and pay in, the appropriate amount
5. Take the Deposit Slip with the Barcode print-out to the Cash Office (Finance Office) and collect the College of Medicine official receipt.
6. Present the College Receipt at the Records Unit, Academic Office, College of Medicine, 3rd Floor E. Oluwole Akande Administrative Building for further processing.


g) Standard Operating Procedure for Student Registration Portal Complaints - Procedure

Student shall,

1. Login to
2. Generate Remita RRR code for payment from or go to ITU (ground floor) to generate the code
3. Make payment of One Hundred Naira Only (N100) to the Remita account using the generated RRR code in any Commercial Bank
4. Change the Remita printout to receipt in College Cash Office
5. Take the complaints form and receipt to the Computer Room, Academic office (3rd floor) for further processing.







J. E. Ethakpemi

Principal Assistant Registrar


Funmilola O. Enobabor

Senior Assistant Registrar


A.O.A. Adenekan

Chief Executive Officer


Adewemimo M. Oduola

Senior Executive Officer


D. G. Olayele

Senior Executive Officer


T. J. Afuye

Executive Officer


A. O. Adeniran

Executive Officer


Rachael B. Fatola

Confidential Secretary I


Ruth K. Obademi

Principal Data Processing Officer II


Modupe O. Olamide

Chief Computer Operator


Josephine K. Omigbodun

Assistant Chief Computer Operator


G. M. Ogundiran

Chief Secretarial Assistant


O. I. Okunade

Supervisor (Office Assistant)

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