Hostel Plan

What Do We Offer For You?

664 Bed Spaces
Reading Rooms
Parking Spaces
Utility Building
Common Rooms
Warden’s Lodge
Porter’s Lodge
Refuse Disposal

Why is a New Hostel for Students of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan (CoMUI) Required?

Housing All Clinical Students within the Hospital Premises is an Accreditation Requirement of the Medical & Dental Council of Nigeria(MDCN)
CoMUI is unable to utilize the full MDCN allocation for admission into Medical School (MBBS) because of a shortfall in Accomodation Spaces for Clinical Student
Students living outside the Hospital Premises are Subject to increased Security Risks & CoMUI has had to deal with unfortunate situations
Students living outside the Hospital tend to have Limited Learning Experience because they are unable to attend late evening learning sessions

Categories for Individual or Group Donations

Kindly note that donations lower than 500,000.00 Naira will be thankfully accepted
and duly acknowledged Names of donors will be mounted on Wall of Fame based on category of donation

For Inquiries or to make donations

Please contact:

Send a WhatsApp message to:

Provost: +2348132243158

Deputy Provost: +2348057325888