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Mr Odedele PIXMr. Adetunji E. ODEDELE
Deputy Registrar / Secretary to the College

The College Office is made up of various Units/Divisions in the College, saddled with the responsibilities of providing service towards effective administration in the College.

The College Office comprises of the following: 

  • Academic Division
  • African Journal of Medicine & Science
  • Human Resource & Development
  • Correspondence Unit
  • Transport Unit
  • General Services Unit

The Deputy Registrar & Secretary to the College, who is the Head of the College Office, is under the general control of the Registrar of the University and responsible to the Provost for the day- to- day administration of the affairs (other than the financial affairs) of the College.

He serves as the Secretary to the Court of Governors, the Academic Board and the Academic Staff Assembly.

He equally oversees all the Non- Academic Staff activities in the College.


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