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The African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (AJMMS) came into existence in 1970 with its first publication in 1971. The founding editor was professor A. Olufemi Williams. The Journal is jointly owned and published by the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, and University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria. It is a regular quarterly journal, publishing expertly-reviewed articles in medicine and medical sciences, particularly those related to medical and health problems in Africa. Manuscript of original research, reviews articles and case reports are welcome. The journal receives articles for publications from all parts of Nigeria, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

The aim of The African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences are: to provide a medium for dissemination of information resulting from biomedical research in Africa and elsewhere; to furnish a means whereby appropriate international medical scientists throughout Africa; to serve as a medium for publication of proceedings of international conferences on medical sciences in Africa; to serve as a medium for the exchange of information and opinion among medical scientists in medical institutions of Africa and elsewhere; to promote inter-regional cooperation amongst medical scientist in Africa.

At inception, the Journal was published by Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford, England. This arrangement has been discontinued after June 1991 and the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan and the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria, publish the Journal now the Journal is undoubtedly regarded as the best journal emanating from Africa. It is indexed in MEDLINE, AFRICAN INDEX MEDICUS (AIM) and a member of Forum for African Medical Editors (FAME) and association of editors of medical Journals in Africa under the auspices of WHO. The journal remains a quarterly Journal but publishes supplementary issues. The list of such supplements at present includes theme issue on Malaria, Bioethics, HIV/AIDS, and Cancer in Africa, Biotechnology for Health and Development, 1st and 2nd Biomedical Research, Zoonoses and MEPIN. The journal is on-line to maintain a link with the rest of the world. The journal office is situated in:

Institute for Advanced Medical Research & Training.
College of Medicine,
University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria
Telephone Numbers: 02-2414578, 2410088, 2413324 exts3314 and 2497
Fax: 234-022411768

Orders for subscription (current and back issues), advertisement and all other business correspondence should be forwarded to The Business Manager, African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Institute for Advanced Medical Research and Training (IMARAT), College of Medicine, University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria.

List of Past Editors and Assistant Editors


Assitant Editors


Williams, A.Olufemi

Akinugbe, O.O. Osuntokun, B.O.

April 1971-Dec. 1980

Salako, L.A.

Falase, A.O., Adelusi, B.

March 1981-June 1986

Junaid, T.A.

Bademosi, O., Oyebola, D.D.O.

Sept. 1986-March 1988

Ladipo, O.A.

Osotimehin, B.O., Uwaifo, A.O.

March 1989-June 1991

Onadeko, B.O.

Osotimehin, B.O., Uwaifo, A.O.

Oct. 1992-June 1996

Osotimehin, B.O.

Uwaifo, A.O.

Sept. 1996-Dec. 2003


Assitant Editors-in-chief


Aken’Ova, Y.A.

Olaleye,O.D., Ogunniyi, A.O.

Dec. 2004-Aug. 2007

Aken’Ova, Y.A.

Lawoyin, J.O., Olorunsogo,O.O.

Jan. 2007-Dec.2008

Baiyewu, O.

Lawoyin, J.O., Olorunsogo, O.O.

Jan. 2009-Jan. 2014

The Journal has a crop of intellectuals who constitutes its present Editorial Committee. They are:

Professor A. Ogunniyi


Professor O.M. Oluwatosin

Asst. Editor-in-chef

Professor Y. Raji

Asst. Editor-in-chief

Associate Editors

Editorial Office Staff

Professofr Edith O. Ajaiyeoba


Professor Millicent O. Obajimi

 Mrs.Ibitola O. Adigun

Professor. F.A. Fehintola

 Mr. A.M. Sodiya

Professor. O. Odeku

 Mr. M. Adeoya

Dr. C.A. Okolo

Mr. A. Gabriel

Dr. A.O. Fawole

Dr. E.B. Dosumu

Dr. J.A.Olaniyi

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