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The African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (AJMMS) unit came into existence in 1970 with its first publication in 1971 majorly to provide a medium for wide dissemination of information resulting from biomedical research in Africa and elsewhere. The founding editor was Professor A. Olufemi Williams while the Journal is jointly owned and published by the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, and University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria. It is a regular quarterly journal, publishing expertly reviewed articles in medicine and medical sciences, particularly those related to medical and health problems in Africa.  The Journal receives articles on original research, review articles and case reports for publication from all parts of Nigeria, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

At inception, the Journal was published by Blackwell Scientific Publications, Oxford, England. This arrangement was discontinued after June 1991 and the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan and the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria, publish the Journal now. The Journal is undoubtedly regarded as the best journal emanating from Africa. The Journal remains a quarterly Journal but publishes supplementary issues. The list of such supplements includes theme issue on Malaria, Bioethics, HIV/AIDS, Cancer in Africa and Biotechnology for Health and Development,



The objectives of The African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences are:

(1) To provide a medium for wide dissemination of information resulting from biomedical research in Africa and elsewhere.

(2) To act as a channel whereby appropriate international medical and health organisations may transmit information to medical scientists throughout Africa.

(3) To serve as a medium for publication of proceedings of international conferences on medical sciences in Africa.

(4) To serve as a medium for the exchange of information and opinion among medical scientists in medical institutions of Africa and elsewhere.

 (5) To promote inter-regional cooperation amongst medical scientists in Africa.



The following are the step-by-step procedures adopted by the unit in carrying out the above

mentioned activities

1. Submission of article

  • The Editorial staff gives “Notes for Contributors”, stating the procedures of publishing an article in African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences, to the author.
  • Author submits the manuscript (soft copy and 3 copies of paper copy) in line with the following guidelines:The submission can also be done online from the website of the journal at , the click the submission tab to submit.

i.          Manuscript must be accompanied by a covering letter affirming that the paper is

submitted only to the Journal and a Letter of Ethics Committee approval.  In case of a paper with more than one author, all authors must sign the covering letter confirming that they participated sufficiently in the work.

ii.         A typed and double-spaced Manuscript, in English Language, should be submitted with the author indicating whether the article is an original or reviewed article.

iii.        Title, author’s names and initials, department(s) in which the work was done, the 

name of the corresponding author and his/her contact should be on a single separate sheet.  The title should be short, specific and clear.

iv.        Author should provide a short running title and six (6) keywords as well as a structured abstract not exceeding 250 words in a separate page.

v.        Referencing within the body of the article should be in block form i.e. [1, 2] and should be numbered in the order in which they are cited in the text at the end of the article.  Also, each reference should give the names and initials of all authors unless there are more than six, when only the first three should be given followed by et al

vi.        Tables should be typed separately from the text and reference to tables should be in Arabic numerals, e.g. Table 2, and tables should include titles, which make therein without reference to text.


  • Letter of Acknowledgement is sent to the author and manuscript registered with a reference number in the Journal record.


2.  Processing of Article

  • Non-refundable processing fee of Ten Thousand Naira (₦10,000.00, $160.00, €100) per article will be charged for non-subscribers while subscribers will be charged Five Thousand Naira (₦5,000.00) only.
  • Circulation Officer presents the manuscript to Associate Editors to assign reviewers after the author might have sent the evidence of payment to the Journal office
  • Manuscript sent to three (3) reviewers to review within two (2) weeks and returned via mail or courier to journal office. If not received, reminder will be sent to the reviewer(s) with a week extension and the manuscript withdrawn if no response within the time frame. Journal office will then assign another reviewer(s) to assess the manuscript.
  • Reviewed manuscript will be sent to the author if subject to correction when returned.
  • Corrected manuscript is sent to reviewer(s) for second (2nd) review and approval for acceptance.
  • The approved manuscript will be forwarded to the Editor-in-Chief for perusal and acceptance.
  • A Letter of Acceptance will be forwarded to the author((s) stating the following fee:

i.          Non-refundable acceptance fee of ₦25,000.00 (non-subscriber) and ₦15,000.00 


ii.         French translation fee of ₦2,500.00

iii.        Coloured page – ₦10,000.00 per page

  • Formatting the article(s) into journal format by Origination Officer after receiving evidence of payment.


3.         Publication of Article

  • Editing and proofreading of the article(s) by the Production Officer
  • Sending proof article(s) to author(s) for correction.
  • Grouping and placement of article(s) on the table of content and proofreading by the Editor-in-Chief
  • Collated articles sent to press for sample print
  • Editor-in-Chief and Production Officer peruse the sample print
  • Approved sample print forwarded to press for final publication
  • Uploading of the published article on African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences website ( for easy access.
  • Each author in a published issue receives 25 copies offprints of his/her article.


4.         Distribution of Journal

African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences distributes journal quarterly (i.e. 4 issues per annum) to all subscribers.


5.         Sales of Journal                    

            Individual       -                                               ₦5,000.00/Volume

            Department/Organization/Institution -           ₦10,000.00/Volume

             A copy (i.e. 1 Issue)                          -           ₦1,250.00


Note: 4 issues make a volume

All correspondence should be addressed to the Editorial Office, African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Institute for Advanced Medical Research and Training (IAMRAT), College of Medicine, University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria..; Website:



 Editorial Board



A. Ogunniyi


Asst. Editors-in-Chief

O.M. Oluwatosin

Y. Raji


Associate Editors

Prof. A. Arije (Medicine)

Prof. Edith O. Ajaiyeoba (Pharmacognosy)

Prof. Millicent O. Obajimi (Radiology)

Prof. F.A. Fehintola (Pharmacology and Therapeutics)

Prof. Oluwatoyin A. Odeku (Pharm/Industrial Pharmacy)

Prof. K.O. Osungbade (Health Policy)

Prof. A.F. Adeniyi (Physiotherapy)

Dr. J.A. Olaniyi (Haematology)

Dr. B.A. Olusanya (Ophthalmology)

Dr. C.A. Okolo (Pathology)

Dr. Elizabeth B. Dosumu (Periodontology & Community Dentistry)

Dr. A.O. Adisa (Oral Pathology)

Dr. T.A. Lawal (Surgery)

Dr. Y.R. Raji (Medicine)

Dr. Olufunmilola B. Makanjuola (Medical Microbiology and Parasitology)

Dr. T.A.O. Oluwasola (Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

Dr. A.O. Aderibigbe (Pharmacology and Therapeutics)


Overseas Editorial  Advisers

Prof. J.E. Uzonna (Manitoba, Canada)

Prof. Annalise E. Zemlin (Cape Town, South Africa)

Prof. Rajiv Eramus (Stellenbosch, South Africa)

Prof. M. S. Cooke (Miami, Florida, USA)

Prof.  Gene Morse (Bufalo, USA)

Prof. Raj Kalaria (Newcastle, UK)

Prof. Sebastian Kalula (UCT, South Africa)

Editorial Office Staff


Production Officer

Yewande A. Bamgboye


Circulation Officer

J.O. Aluko


Origination Officer

A.M. Sodiya

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