Spotlight on Excellence: Mr. Emmanuel Odedele, Deputy Registrar & Secretary to the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan

This important release is a long-overdue profile of our dear Secretary to the College, Mr. Emmanuel Odedele. However, I want to take a quick detour to celebrate this outstanding man on the occasion of his birthday today. What a great gift he has been to our administration!

On this special day, I join the entire College of Medicine, University of Ibadan community in celebrating his remarkable contributions and leadership as Secretary to the College and Deputy Registrar.  Since his arrival, the College has only experienced exceptional progress, which has set a positive tone for our work.

His administrative style is characterized by calm, confidence, and an admirable sense of circumspection. His tenacity in leading the administrative arm of the College has not gone unnoticed, and we are grateful for the positive impact he has made since joining us. The College has flourished under his guidance, and his efforts have played a crucial role in maintaining our standard of excellence.

As we mark his birthday, I believe this is an opportunity to acknowledge the achievements and milestones attained under him so far. His dedication to fulfilling the vision of the College in the 21st century is truly commendable.

May this birthday be a joyous occasion, surrounded by the warmth of appreciation for the outstanding professional and colleague that he is.

Best wishes for a wonderful birthday celebration!

Olayinka Omigbodun FAS
Professor of Psychiatry and Provost, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan

odedele 1The celebrant’s father, Pastor Samuel Olusegun Adeyemo Odedele, flanked by the Deputy Provost, Professor Fatai A. Adeniyi,
the Provost, Professor Olayinka Omigbodun and the celebrant himself, Mr. Emmanuel Odedele.


odedeleAdetunji Emmanuel Odedele was born on 7th December, 1971 at Agbowo, Ibadan, with administration flowing through his veins. His Father, Pastor Samuel Olusegun Adeyemo Odedele joined the service of the University of Ibadan as a Typist in 1996, redesignated Administrative Officer in 1979, then rose to the position of Deputy Registrar in 1999 before his retirement in 2001, and his mother, Mrs. Deborah Odedele (Nee Adelakun) was Secretary in the University of Ibadan.

odedele 2Mr. Emmanuel Odedele with his father, Pastor Samuel Olusegun Adeyemo Odedele

odedele 3Pastor Samuel Olusegun Adeyemi Oladele

He began his academic journey at the University of Ibadan Staff School and proceeded to Abadina College, a public secondary school within the University of Ibadan main campus. He graduated from the University of Ibadan with a Bachelor of Science Degree Honours and a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics in 1997 and 2001 respectively.

Mr. A.E. Odedele emerged as the Secretary to the College after a rigorous screening interview to join the College of Medicine Management Team that is currently headed by the first female Professor of Psychiatry in Nigeria and first female Provost in the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Professor Olayinka O. Omigbodun, in the drive to raise the standard of excellence that the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan (CoMUI) is known for. At present, Mr.  Odedele is the Deputy Registrar and Secretary to the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan - the foremost medical training Institution in West Africa. He possesses the tenacity, circumspection, and capacity required to lead the administrative arm of the College in collaborative efforts to fulfill its vision in the 21st Century.

Prior to his appointment as the Deputy Registrar and Secretary to the College, Mr. Odedele was Principal Assistant Registrar and Examinations Officer (Undergraduate), University of Ibadan. On this schedule, he was responsible for the central processing of all undergraduate students results both for First Degrees and Diploma Programmes. His schedules included coordinating the processing of results of Graduating and Non-Graduating (Final Year and Non-Final Year) students admitted under the Regular Admission process, Affiliated Institutions, and the Distance Learning Centre.  During his tenure as Examinations Officer, he organized and facilitated Trainings for all members of staff in the Division/Unit to address skill gaps and build capacities. He also ensured the continuous training of Schedule Officers to improve efficiency and effective service delivery.

Preceding his assumption of office as Examinations Officer, he was the Pioneer Faculty Officer in the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences, and Principal Assistant Registrar from April 2017 to August 2019. He was Secretary to various Committees and Boards in the Faculty. As the Faculty Officer, he established the Standard Filing Index and procedures, and spearheaded capacity development initiatives geared towards effective utilization of the electronic filing system for staff members.

His dedication to work and loyalty to the University are also reflected in his selfless service as the Pioneer Secretary, the University of Ibadan Research Foundation from June, 2014 to April, 2017 where he facilitated a cordial relationship between External Members of the Board of UI-Research Foundation and the University. Mr. Odedele had earlier served as Senior Assistant Registrar and Student Welfare Officer at the Student Affairs Division of the University of Ibadan. As the Student Welfare Officer, he initiated the creation of a Database for effective Management of Student Disciplinary Matters and upgraded the filing and documentation system in the Student Welfare Unit.

Earlier during Mr. Odedele’s deployment to the Offices of both the Vice-Chancellor and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration), he provided excellent administrative assistance to the Deputy Registrar (Vice-Chancellor’s Office) and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration) as Administrative Officer and later Assistant Registrar.  He acted for the Deputy Registrar (Vice-Chancellor’s Office) whenever the Officer was away. He also deployed his administrative proclivities and contributed significantly to the Academic Office, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan as an Administrative Officer where he started his career as a University Professional Administrator.  His first appointment as a University Staff was as Assistant Executive Officer, Academic Affairs Division, Students’ Records Office. He served in this capacity diligently from November 2000 to January, 2004 before he was appointed Administrative Officer.

Astute administrators are noted for their professional affiliations and in this regard, Mr. Odedele is a member of the Association of Nigerian University Professional Administrators (ANUPA); Fellow, Institute of Policy Management Development (IPMD); Professional Member of the Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM) and an Associate Member, Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPMN).   He has presented papers at several Workshops, Seminars and Conferences, and attended relevant local and international Workshops and Conferences. The deployment of this exposure is very visible in his contributions, team spirit, and leadership style.

Contributing to community development, Adetunji Emmanuel, ODEDELE served as a Returning Officer during the 2014 University of Ibadan Students’ Union Election, as a Collation Officer during the Osun State 2014 Gubernatorial Election and 2015, 2019, and 2023 Presidential and Gubernatorial elections.  He was Assistant Hall Warden of Kuti Hall, University of Ibadan from 2014 to 2018.

 Mr. Odedele’s hobbies include composing songs, playing the musical keyboard, and farming. These common hobbies are common to his father, Pastor S.O.A. Odedele.

Mr. Adetunji Emmanuel, ODEDELE is happily married to Mrs. Olaitan Odedele, and the marriage is blessed with children.

odedele 4Mr. Emmanuel Odedele with his wife, Mrs. Olaitan Odedele

odedele 5Mr. Emmanuel Odedele with his wife and three children.

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