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Name: John I. ANETOR

Designation: Professor

Department: Chemical Pathology

Phone Number: +2348062308002

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John Ibhagbemien Anetor is a Clinical Chemist and Toxicologist. He is currently a Professor of Chemical Pathology and Toxicology at the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. He holds both an MSc and a doctorate (PhD) in Chemical Pathology from the University of Ibadan and an undergraduate background in medical laboratory science.

He had his postdoctoral training at the Pathology Department, Osaka City University Medical School (now Osaka City Graduate School of Medicine), Osaka, Japan, under Professor Shoji Fukushima, MD, PhD, where he worked on Toxicologic Pathology and Chemoprevention.

He holds the fellowship of many professional and learned societies.  He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Chemistry (FAACC), Fellow of the Academy of Toxicological Sciences (F-ATS), Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC), UK, Fellow Institute of Biomedical Science (FIBMS), UK and that of Nigeria (FCMLS), Fellow West African Postgraduate College of Medical Laboratory Science (FWAPCMLS), Fellow, American College of Nutrition (FACN) and is   a European Registered Toxicologist (ERT).

John Anetor belongs to many other learned and professional societies in clinical chemistry & laboratory medicine and toxicology, including the Association of Clinical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine (ACB) UK.  He is a Member, Society of Toxicology (SOT), USA, Member, International Association for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clinical Toxicology (IATDMCT), Member, Alberta Society of Human Toxicology (ASHT), Canada and the main national society of toxicology in Nigeria, Forum of Nigerian Toxicologists (FONTOX) where he is an Adviser. He was a founding advisor to the West African Society of Toxicology (WASOT).

John Anetor is the current Head of Chemical Pathology Department at the University of Ibadan. He is also a Consultant/ Research Collaborator to the Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada where he was formerly a Visiting Professor / Researcher.

He is a Life Member of the Environmental Mutagen Society of India (EMSI).

Professor Anetor’s research focus is largely the investigation of toxic states including chemical carcinogenesis, and their amelioration with nutritional factors, based on the antioxidant hypothesis, chemoprevention, and molecular mechanisms.

He has travelled widely, propagating his philosophy of chemical and drug intoxication and antidotal science. His interest is growing   on toxicology and   society.

John Anetor has served and still serving his country in several capacities. He was a member of the National Committee for the Removal of Lead from Nigeria’s Gasoline (Petrol) sponsored by the World Bank/ Exxon Mobile.  He was the principal consultant to the Federal Ministry of Health, ‘Consultancy for National Lead Poison Elimination, Treatment and Strategic Intervention Scheme’.  He was a member of the team at the University College Hospital, Ibadan, that investigated the outbreak of methanol poisoning in Ode -Irele, Ondo State.  He is currently a member of the National Health Research Ethics Committee (NHREC) of Nigeria.

John Anetor is on the board of a number national and international journals; key among which are as the Section Editor, Chemical Pathology, African Journal of Laboratory Medicine (AJLM), Cape Town, and Associate Editor, American Journal of Biopharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (AJBPS), California.


Broad research area explores the mitigation of toxic states; environmental or clinical using nutritional intervention using the antioxidant principle, chemoprevention and molecular mechanisms.

Current Research
Investigation of cellular and molecular markers of the risk of birth defects and interplay of maternal nutritional status in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

2. Toxic metal exposure in HIV / AIDS population and risk of cancer

3. Micronutrient profile in cardiovascular disease patients and risk of heart failure.

4. Exposure to low grade environmental pollution and the prevalence of cardiometabolic disorders

5. Blood lead levels and markers of bone turnover in a pregnant population in Ibadan, Nigeria
Role: Main supervisor/ Advisor
Collaborators: Alberta Centre for Toxicology (ACFT), Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary, Canada (not in all the projects)


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2. Anetor, J.I, Senjobi O. Agbedana E.O, Ajose A. (2002): Decreased Zinc and magnesium levels in type-2 Diabetics: Atherogenic Implications for Nigerian Diabetics. Nutrition and Health 16: 291-300. (London, England).

3.  Anetor, J.I (2001): High blood lead levels in the general Nigerian Population: Causes and implications The World Bank Working Paper No. 6: Clean Air initiatives in Sub-Saharan cities in Africa. National Conference on the phase-out of lead. World Bank, Washington DC 20344, pp. 27-37(Washington, USA)

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16. Ige J.O, Gbadegesin M.A, Olugbami J.O, Adegoke J.M, Odunola O.A, Anetor G.O, Anetor, J.I (2021). A common insecticide-induced oxidative stress in Wistar Rats: significance for humans and implications for nutritional modulation of insecticide toxicity. Journal of the American College of Nutrition. 40: 608- 616.

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1. Authors: Agbedana E.O, Anetor, J.I (2006) Urinalysis in Clinical and Laboratory Medicine.
Publisher: John Archers Publishers Ltd, Dugbe, Ibadan, Nigeria.

2. Authors: Agbedana E.O, Anetor, J.I, Ogundanhunsi AO (2017) Editors, Recent Advances in Nutrition and Metabolism,
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3. Authors: Anetor, J.I, Igharo G.O (2020) Editors. The Biomedical Explorer: A Textbook of Biomedical Research Innovation.
Publisher:University of Lagos Press, sponsored by Tetfund, Nigeria.



1.Project Title: Cellular and molecular markers of the risk of birth defects and interplay of maternal nutritional status in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria; Uche Zedech, PhD student

2.Project Title: Toxic metal exposure in HIV/AIDS population and risk of cancer; Udah Donald, PhD student

3.Project Title: Micronutrient profile in cardiovascular disease patients and risk of heart failure; Orgah Fisayo, PhD student

4.Project Title: Exposure to low grade environmental pollution and the prevalence of cardiometabolic disorders; Sonuga Oyebola, PhD student

5.Project Title: Blood lead levels and markers of bone turnover in a pregnant population in Ibadan, Nigeria; Adedeji Adeola M. Sc student         

Previous Students (Select)

1.Project Title: Ameliorative Role of Selected Micronutrient Supplements on Oxidative Stress and Wound Healing in Diabetic Rats and Type 2 Diabetics.
Students Name: Elizabeth Bolajoko, PhD (University of Ibadan)
Year: 2012

2.Project Titile: Interaction of Lead with some Micronutrients in Maternal and Cord Blood: Effect on Pregnancy
Students Name: Ikechukwu Ikaraoha, PhD (Igbinedion University, Okada)
Year: 2012

3.Project Title: Cement Dust–Induced Immunotoxicologic and Cellular Responses
Students Name: John Ogunbileje, PhD (University of Ibadan)  
Year: 2013

4.Project Title: Pattern of Thyroid Autoantibodies, Essential and Toxic Trace Elements in Various Thyroid Disorders
Students Name:Nancy Aboh , PhD (University of Ibadan)    
Year: 2014

5.Project Title:  Early Predictive Markers and Model of Lead- Induced Neurotoxicity in    School Children in Ibadan
Students Name: NWOBI Nnenna Linda, PhD (University of Ibadan)
Year: 2018

6.Project Title: Toxic Metals, Cancer Risk and Genotoxicity Biomarkers in Humans exposed to Electronic Waste in Southwestern Nigeria.
Students Name: IGHARO Osaretin Godwin, PhD (University of  Ibadan) at. No: 173047
Year: 2018

7.Project Title: Serum iron and other risk factors for coronary heart disease in Nigerians
Students Name:Enitiameh Orimadegun, M. Sc. (University of Ibadan)
Year: 2002

8. Project Title: Skin Surface Lipids in Nigerians with Acne Vulgaris
Students Name: Ikechukwu Ikaraoha, M.Sc. (University of Ibadan)
Year: 2002

9.Project Title: The Pattern of Biochemical Tests in Four Nigerian Teaching Hospitals and the Profile of Some of the Parameters in Hypertension
Students Name: John Okwara, M. Sc. (University of Ibadan)
Year: 2003

10.Project Title: Selected Biochemical Profile in Blount’s Disease.
Students Name: Olubunmin Giwa, M.Sc. (University of Ibadan)
Year: 2004

11.Project Title: Urinary Excretion of Some Metabolites in Type – 2 Diabetics at Ile-Ife
Students Name: Adeosun, Oyebola Ganiyu, M. Sc. (Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago- Iwoye)

12.Project Title: Decreased Antioxidant Status in Pregnant Women on Iron Sup Supplements.
Students Name: Ngozi Adeleke, M. Sc. (University of Ibadan)
Year: 2006

13.Project Title: Antioxidant Status and its Dynamics in Malnourished Children on Iron Supplements in Ibadan
Students Name: Tahir Tunde Anifowoshe, M. Sc. (Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma)

14.Project Title: Micronutients and Urate in the Stress Signaling Pathway: A Role in Blood Pressure Dynamics in Hypertensives
Students Name: Patrick Okpara, M. Sc. University of Ibadan
Year: 2006

15.Project Title: Serum Iron Level, Oxidative DNA Damage and Risk of the Cervix in Nigerian Women
Students Name: Foluke Atinuke Fashola, M. Sc. (University of Ibadan)   
Year: 2012

16.Project Title: Level of Arsenic , Selected Trace Elements and Antioxidant Status in Male Wistar Rats Exposed a Common Insecticide
Students Name: Ige John, M. Sc. (University of Ibadan)
Year: 2019

17.Project Title: Plasma 8- Hydroxydeoxyguanosine , 4-Hydroxynonenal and Selenium in Hepatitis B Virus Infected Adults in Ibadan, Nigeria
Students Name: Diekola, Uswat Opeyemi, M.Sc. (University of Ibadan)
Year: 2021


1. Jejema Foundation, Osaka, Japan

2. University of Ibadan, Nigeria

3. Tetfund, Abuja, Nigeria

4. University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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