Prof. Godson R.E.E.Ana

Basic Information


Name:Prof. Godson R.E.E.Ana


Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Department:Environmental Health Sciences

 Designation: Professor

 Brief Biography:


Godson Ana is a Professor in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Faculty of Public Health at the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria. His primary area of research focus is in Air quality management and Exposure assessment. He is also involved in other research activities including waste management, renewable energy, industrial hygiene and safety, children environment and climate change. He has attended several professional courses related to air pollution and climate change including renewable energy, indoor air pollution, atmospheres and Climate change courses in India, USA and France respectively. He is a recipient of TWAS fellowship on atmospheric toxicology in India and SIDA grant on air pollution management in Sweden and Chile. He was a UNESCO/TWAS sponsored visiting scientist at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics in the Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing, China. He has provided leadership in the measurements of atmospheric TSP, PM10, PM2.5, priority gaseous pollutants, heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons particularly in the Niger Delta area and South western parts of Nigeria. He has carried out indoor air pollution and exposure assessment involving women and children exposed to biomass emissions. He has piloted and participated in several air pollution control initiatives including use of a hybrid of blended fuels and activated carbon in generator emission control as well as the switch to ethanol fueled cooking stoves. He has published widely both locally and internationally in reputable peer reviewed journals, book chapters, technical reports and monographs. Godson Ana was the pioneer Coordinator and acting Head of the Department of Environmental Health Sciences as well as the pioneer Coordinator of the Climate and Society programme of the Centre for Sustainable development both in the University of Ibadan. He is currently the President of Environmental Health Scientists Association in Nigeria and a member of the Africa Academy of Environmental Health. He is a registered and licensed Environmental Health Practitioner with the Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria. He is a consultant to several local and International organizations on Environmental issues.


Professor Godson R.E.E.Ana

Contact Details:

Office: Department of Environmental Health Sciences

             Faculty of Public Health, College of Medicine,

             University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skype: godson.rowland.ana

Mobile: +234-8037146436,

Education/Academic Qualifications

Institution/Location                  Field of Study                      Degree               Date Awarded

University of Ibadan,                 Environmental Health             Ph.D                  July, 2004

Ibadan, Nigeria

University of Port Harcourt,      Environmental Engineering    M.Eng               December, 2000

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

University of Ibadan,                 Environmental Health              M.P.H               August, 1997                   

Ibadan, Nigeria

University of Port Harcourt,        Biochemistry                          B.Sc                  September, 1992

Port Harcourt

Additional Training/Qualifications

Environmental Audit, Iso certification, Standard and compliance   

Specialized course organized by the Department of Environmental Health

Sciences, Faculty of Public Health, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Environmental Disasters, Emergency Preparedness, Safety and Risk 

Management organized by Dept. of Environmental Health Sciences,

College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Grant Writing for Early Career Researchers organized by University 

of Ibadan, National Institute of Child Health & Human Development and

National Institutes of Health

Specialized Training on Aerosol Equipment Calibration in Leipzig, Germany,





UNESCO-TWAS visiting Scientist award tenable at the Institute of Atmospheric             2012

Physics Beijing, China

Diploma in Air Quality Management, Sponsored by SIDA, Norrkoping, Sweden,      2009

Post Doctoral Fellow, Division of Developmental Toxicology, Indian Institute of  

Toxicology Research, Lucknow, India December 2008-November, 2009

Diploma in Atmospheric Sciences and Climate Change organized by ERCA, Grenoble,   France

Diploma in Environmental Resource Management (Rain Water Harvesting and                  Utilization), Lanzough, China

Training on Research Ethics organized by the College of Medicine, Nigeria                        in collaboration with The Welcome Trust, England &The Bloomberg School

of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA

Post Doctoral Fellow, Department of Environmental Health and Toxicology, School                 2005 of Public Health, University at Albany, State University of New York, Rensseler, NY, USA September 2004-February 2005

Fellowship in Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) awarded         2004             

at the Imperial College, London, UK

Certificate in Renewable Energy, organized by IRADe and Ministry of Energy, New             2003          

Delhi, India

Diploma in Sustainable Development Programme and NEPAD, Senegal                    2003

International Training programme on Leadership and Development, organized          2002

by the Leadership for Environment and Development , LEAD, Mexico City, Mexico

Acquired Skills and Competencies

Language: Excellent command of spoken and written English Language and fairly good at reading French

Computer: Good at MS word, Excel, Page maker, Power point, SPSS

Statistical Skills: Knowledgeable in Epi Info, SPSS and Stata

Laboratory Skills: Good at use of Air Quality monitors, UV-visible Spectrophotometer, AAS and HPLC

Leadership: Excellent interpersonal relationships, team building and networking

           Awards, Prizes and Honours

  • UNESCO-TWAS visiting Scientist fellowship award tenable in Institute of

Atmospheric Physics, Beijing, China (2012-2015)

            (b) University of Ibadan Senate Research Grant (Multidisciplinary) 2012

             (c ) Mac Arthur Grant for staff linkage programmes 2009/2010

(d) SIDA grant for Air Quality Management course at the Swedish Meteorological and

      Hydrological Research Institute (SMHI), Norrkopin, Sweden, 2009








           (e) TWAS-CSIR Post-Doctoral Fellowship award tenable at the Indian Institute for

                  Industrial and Toxicology Research, Lucknow, India December 2008-November, 2009

(f) Joseph Fourier travel grant for short course in Atmospheres and climate, Grenoble France (2007)

 (g) University of Ibadan Senate Research Grant (Multidisciplinary) 2006/2007

 (h) University of Ibadan Senate Research Grant (Individual)    2006/2007

(i) Fellowship in Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) awarded at the

     Imperial College, London, UK, 2004

(j) MacArthur Staff Development Research Grant for Post-Doctoral Fellowship tenable   

    at the Department of Environmental Health and Toxicology, School of Public Health,  

    University at Albany, State University of New York, Rensseler, NY, USA September

    2004-February 2005

(k) Merit Award by Graduate Students’ Association of Nigeria (University of Ibadan            

     Chapter) for Visionary Leadership, 2004

            (l)  Merit Award by Tafawa Balewa Postgraduate Hall for Excellent Leadership Qualities 2003

(m) Recipient of Government of Cross River State Research Grant for Doctoral

       Research, 2000

(n) Fellowship for Doctoral Research by Research and Development, Nigeria National

      Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, Port Harcourt, 1999

             (o) Recipient of Federal Government Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies    1998

             (p) Best Graduating MPH (Environmental Health) Student, 1997

             (q) NYSC Commendation Award for Meritorious Service to the Nation, 1993


             (a) Joint supervisor for CARTA postdoctoral Fellowship, 2018

(b) Visiting Scholar appointment to the University of The Gambia (2014- Date)

(c) Faculty, Consortium for Advanced training in Research in Africa (2014-Date)

(d) Faculty Pan African University (2016-Date)

(e) Research Associate at the Nelson Mandela University (2017-Date)

             (f) CARTA grant to support fellows joint seminar   2015-date

             (g) Managing Editor African Journal of Environmental Health Sciences

(h) Associate Editor African journal of Sustainable Development

(i) Reviewer, Journal of Environmental Health Research, UK

(j) Reviewer, Journal of Science research, UI

             (k) Book reviewer, Taylor books, UK

          Working Career Experience

  • At the University Level

Professor of Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Ibadan

Teaching and Research

Responsibilities: Involved in teaching contemporary and emerging issues in Environmental

Health at diploma level: Environmental Health Officers, Community Health Officers, and Tutors

of Health Sciences; undergraduate level : Medical and Nursing students; and Postgraduate level:

MPhil, M.P.H, MSHE and Ph.D. Supervision of both undergraduate and postgraduate students,

Training and mentoring of students on Industrial attachment /Internship Research and community

services in a wide range of Environmental Health issues including Air quality and human exposure assessment, waste management, housing and health, water and sanitation, renewable energy,

industrial hygiene and safety, children environmental health, food hygiene & safety, vector control, environmental epidemiology, environmental toxicology  and climate change

Details of Teaching Experience at University Level

I participated in the teaching of the following courses

(a) Undergraduate courses taught since first appointment:

1.  MBBS Preclinical’s: PSM 202 – Man and His Environment

2.  MBBS Year 4 : Principles of Environmental Health (Introductory class)

3.  MBBS year 5: Environmental Health (Block Posting)

4.  MBBS final year: Environmental Health (Revision class)

5.  B.Sc Nursing : PSM 411- Public Health Nursing

(b) Post Graduate courses taught at MPH/MPhil/Ph.D levels since first appointment

1.   EHS 701: Principles of Environmental Health

2.   EHS 702: Advances in Environmental Health sciences

3.   EHS 703: Environmental Epidemiology

4.   EHS 704: Environmental Impact Assessment and Law

5.   EHS 705: Principles of Waste management

6.   EHS 706: Instrumental and Laboratory methods

7.   EHS 707: appropriate technology for Environmental Health management

8.   EHS 708: Principles of Environmental Design and human Settlement

9.   EHS 710: Environmental Toxicology

10. EHS 711: Environmental Health Seminars

11. EHS 712: Concurrent field work in Environmental Health

12. EHS 713: Internship

13. EHS 714: Research Project


(a) Completed

1. Water, Environment and Sanitation Effects on Girl-child Education. I served as a Co-investigator in a UNICEF sponsored study in 2003 to assess the impact of water,

    environment and sanitation on Girl-child education in the south-south region of Nigeria.The study outcome showed that lack or inadequate water supply and sanitation

    contributed significantly to school absenteeism, lack of concentration and poor performance amongst the girl-child in schools surveyed in the area.

2. Estrogenic and Anti-estrogenic effects of PAH and HAH mixtures. In 2004 I benefited from the Mac Arthur grant for staff development scheme to develop laboratory skills in exposure assessment based in the Department of Environmental Health and Toxicology, Sunny, Albany, USA.The aim of the study was to determine the toxic effects of mixtures of compounds on biological systems using a case of HAHs and PAHs.This preliminary study revealed that Dioxin and Benzo(a) pyrene individual estrogenicity and antiestrogenicity at various levels but at a particular level both mixtures exhibited a higher synergistic level of anti-estrogenicity effect than the single compounds.

3. Eco--health approach in the management of GIT infections in Ibadan. An intervention study on the management of GIT infections using eco-health approach was supported by IDRC, Canada in 2005. The aim of the study was to assess the environmental determinants associated with GIT infections and to institute appropriate interventions that are cost effective, participatory and sustainable in line with eco-health principles. The study indicated that provision of adequate water and toilet facilities succeeded in reducing the disease burden in the study community by 60%.

4. Lead Exposure and Effects among children age 2-6years in Ibadan.

    The research was supported by Grants from University of Michigan and NIH in which I

    served as a Co-Principal investigator. Lead has been implicated as one of the toxic heavy

    metals affecting both adults and children. The effects on children are more on functional

    abilities, learning disabilities and reduced intelligence quotient. Unfortunately, there is

    dearth of information on this subject. The aim of this study was to determine the blood

    levels of lead in children in Ibadan and to use the information as a baseline for future

    intervention studies. The study revealed that more than 60% of children studied had

    blood lead levels beyond the permissible levels.

5. An Evaluation of Persistent Organic Pollutants(POPs) Importation, Trading,

utilization and Impacts in South Western Nigeria. This study was supported by PAN, UK

There has been continued importation of banned chemical pesticides into Nigeria.

resulting in stockpiling and its associated environmental and health effects. The objective

of the study was to assess the impact of illegal trading and consumption of these

substances among communities in South Western Nigeria. The study revealed that POPs

such as DDT were still being imported as rebranded chemicals and that farmers with very

little adherence to use of personal protection equipments (PPEs) were more at risk to

health hazards associated with the POPs pesticides

6. Community Noise levels and associated health Effects among students in selected urban

secondary schools in Ibadan. This research was supported by the University of Ibadan

Senate Research Grant (Individual investigators).Noise is a serious physical

environmental pollutant which has both auditory and non auditory effects. Increasing

noise levels especially in urban communities has been associated with decreased work

efficiency in most developed countries but not much information is available on this

subject in developing countries including Nigeria. The aim of this study was to assess the

noise levels in the schools with a view to instituting appropriate control measures. The

study showed that distraction and loss of concentration were among the reported non –

auditory effects prevalent among the study groups. This research was able to produce an

MPH graduate.

7. An Evaluation of the use pattern and Efficacy of Integrated Vector Management

in Selected rural and urban communities in Oyo State, Nigeria. I served as the Co-

Principal investigator in this research which was supported by Senate Research Grant

(Multidisciplinary Research Project) and completed in 2012.Malaria remains one of the

most debilitating public health scourges in developing countries yet its elimination has

defied several strategies and therapies. The WHO has considered that the most reliable

means of combating the malaria pandemic lies in environmental methods and the strategy

has to employ an integrated approach. Therefore, the objective of this study was to

appraise all the methods used in malaria vector control, institute an integrated vector

management (IVM) and evaluate its efficacy for malaria prevention and control. The

study revealed that the high prevalence of malaria recorded in the experimental

communities were associated with poor sanitation and other unwholesome environmental

practices. The intervention involving a combination of education, chemical sprays and

use of insecticide treated nets produced a significant reduction in the vector burden and a

corresponding decline in the prevalence of the malaria parasite particularly in the

experimental communities.

8. Indoor Air Pollution Studies among mother child pair in selected rural communities in

Ibadan. I served as the co-principal investigator in this pilot investigation supported by

Healthy Life foundation and the American lung Society in 2010/2011. The Focus of this

study was to assess the burden of emissions arising from firewood cooking fuels in the

traditional rural communities and to assess the health effects associated with this

exposure. The long-term goal was to institute appropriate interventions that would

reduce the hazards through meaningful policy driven actions that would emanate from

the pilot study. The study outcome showed that both mothers and children were exposed

to levels of pollutants particularly CO and Particulate matter at levels significantly

higher than the WHO guideline limits and this was found to result in various degrees of

pulmonary disorders. An MPH student has been trained on this aspect and has graduated.

9. Determination of Green House gases. Green House Gases (GHGs) are the major

anthropogenic driver of climate change and in Nigeria information on this subject is very

scanty or non existent as reflected in the Intergovernmental panel on climate change

reports. In various self-funded investigations I coordinated the determination of GHGs

particularly CO2 at various activity driven locations viz traffic, agricultural fields, waste

dumpsites, industrial areas. So far the results have shown great variability spatially and

temporally with concentrations even though lower than the global ambient levels but still

found to peak in traffic and industry related areas. These investigations have produced

three MPH students.

10. Generator Emissions Profiling. Electrical power supply remains one Nigeria’s bane for

National Development. An immediate remedy to this problem is the wanton use of

generators in various categories with its attendant impacts on the economy, environment

and health. As a principal investigator I initiated the investigation on generator related

fumes and noise. The studies which have produced two MPH students revealed that

persons working in small scale businesses that depend largely on generator use are at

risk of hearing impairment and pulmonary disorders.

11. Adaptive Methods for Air Pollution Control. In a self-funded study I pioneered the

investigation using a hybrid of blended fuel and activated carbon filter derived from

coconut to reduce emissions from portable generators. The study simulated conditions of

poor air circulation and assessed levels of pollutants within a regulated chamber that

received piped emissions from generator powered by ethanol-gasoline blended fuel. The

experiment showed extremely very high concentrations of gaseous and particulate

pollutants before the use of blended fuel and filter material. A significant level of

reduction of not less than 90% was recorded for the various parameters such as CO, CO2,

NO2, SO2, NO2 and PM2.5 and heavy metals which is a promising strategy for climate

change mitigation through carbon reduction. This study has graduated two MPH students

and is currently receiving consideration for patenting.

12. Production of Biofuels: Among the most popular strategies for climate change mitigation

is the production of biofuels or green fuels usually categorized under the renewable

energy or green energy. I have coordinated studies in biogas production using

multisubstrates as well in the production of bioethanol using selected cellulosic based

substrates including cassava peels, corn cobs, plantain peels, saw dust and paper. We

have also produced in a pilot scale biodiesel from different non edible plant biomasses

such as palm kernel, algae, moringa and thivetia; the Thivetia plant gave a very high

biodiesel yield. These studies have all produced three MPH students and the work on

Biodiesel production is currently undergoing consideration for patenting.

(b) In Progress

1. HAP –maternal health intervention study funded by NIH

The current intervention study in which I am a co-Investigator is an expansion of the

previous pilot HAP study. In this case the focus is to assess the impact of utilizing

modified cooking stoves fuelled with ethanol on health outcomes of women at various

stages of pregnancy who are exposed to biomass cooking emissions especially


2. Determination of Hazards associated with Charcoal production in Igbora Community,

Oyo State. This study is supported by Africa Climate Fund, Circle in which I serve as a

Co-Principal investigator. The study is aimed at assessing charcoal production practices,

determining the levels of Green House gases associated with the process and identifying

common health risks associated with this business with a view to coming out with models

for cleaner energy production under the cleaner air initiative and carbon credit scheme.

3. Determination of secondary inorganic aerosols and their role in haze formation and

visibility impairment funded by UNESCO-TWAS. This is an ongoing study which looks

at the assessment of ambient levels of secondary inorganic aerosols such as sulphates,

nitrates, chloride and ammonium anions in the air. These set of compounds have been

incriminated in the formation of haze which is considered to impair visibility and to also

contribute to the current climate phenomenon. Two graduate students are currently on

this project


             4. Lung Cancer in Nigeria Project-Pilot Hospital-based epidemiological survey supported by

                 IARC France

             5. Air quality assessment and health risks from selected dumpsites in Lagos and Ogun States

 Administrative and Community services

  • Ag Head, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, 2014-2016
  • Coordinator, Department of Environmental Health Sciences 2012-2014

             3.  Coordinator Climate and Society Programme, Centre for Sustainable Development 2010-2014

             4.  Member, Servicom Guild UI,                                                                                      2013 

             5.  Assistant Warden, Tafawa Balewa Postgraduate Hall                                                2008-2012

6.  Departmental Coordinator MPH Environmental Health programme,

7.  Departmental Coordinator for seminars and fieldwork,   

8.  Chairman, University of Ibadan, Clean and Green Programme,   

9.  Faculty Representative, Animal House                                             2008/2009

10. Coordinator Doctoral Programme in Environmental Health 

11. Chairman, Local organizing committee for the maiden conference on

      Environmental Health Sciences,                                                                 2013                                                

12. Chairman, Resource Mobilization committee for 2nd annual conference on

      Environmental Health Sciences, November,    2014

13. Member, Publications and Editorial Committee for the production of African  

     Journal of Environmental Health Sciences                                                      


14. Member, UI Physical Environment Committee,                                     2003

15. University Academic Staff Retirement Review Committee                   2012



Visiting Professor to the University of the Gambia    2014-Date

Responsibilities: Responsible for teaching two courses viz Industrial Hygiene and Safety and Environmental toxicology to both MPH(Environmental health) and MSPH(Environmental and Occupational Health) graduate students. Coordinate field visits, facilitate seminars as well as design and supervise research project projects.


Research Associate with Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 2016-Date

Responsibilities: Responsible for joint supervision of research projects at the masters and doctoral levels respectively. Involved in the design, development and submission of joint research grants

2. At Industry level

Consultant to Several Industries in Nigeria (1999-Date) 

Responsibilities: I serve as consultant to several industries such as petroleum based (like SPDC, Exxon-Mobil, Port Harcourt Refining Company, Eleme Petrochemicals etc), non-petroleum based (like Julius Berger, Nigerian Breweries, Guinness, Dangote flour, Zain, Zartech etc) extractive and non-extractive industries. Some of the studies I have led and have participated in include environmental audit, environmental monitoring, environmental impact assessment, health impact assessment and environmental management plan as well as industrial hygiene and safety training and technical report writing at various times. Majority of the studies involved field sampling, analysis of samples, biological monitoring, health survey, questionnaire design and administration, on-site observations, collection of clinic records, data collation and analysis and report writing.


  • Community Level

Consultant to Several NGO’s/CBO’s (1995-Date)

Responsibilities: I have served several NGO’s such as CASSAD, Nigeria Environmental Study and Action Team, Nigeria Environmental Society, Nigeria Network for Awareness and Action for Environmental Health, EDUCARE Trust, SRADev , Healthy life Foundation, on a number of community oriented and action based public health/environmental health related projects. Some of these projects include Guinea-worm eradication, malaria control, waste management, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), climate change mitigation and adaptation, management of chemicals and hazardous compounds, vector control and air quality management. Most of the studies involved design of protocols, community sensitization and mobilization, community survey, questionnaire administration, on-site observations, data collation and analysis, report writing, dissemination of findings , advocacy and policy formulation

  • National Assignments

Consultant to the Federal Government of Nigeria(1993-Date)

Responsibilities: Served as a consultant to Ministries of Health and Environment respectively, National Environmental Standards , Regulatory and Enforcement Agency, Nigeria, Centre for Disease control and Environmental Health Officers Registration Council of Nigeria. I was involved in Guineworm eradication projects in Katsina and Kebbi States, Participated in the development of the National policy on Environmental Sanitation in Nigeria and served as resource person to technical meetings and in the development and reviews of technical document for some of these organisations at various times

5. International Assignments

Technical Expert to International Organizations (2002-Date)

Responsibilities: I have been engaged directly and/or indirectly by the World Bank, UNICEF, USAID, UNDP, AFENET, LEAD, CDC and UNEP at various times on different Projects including WASH, rural water projects, safety training, environmental management, children environment programmes, biosafety and biosecurity, climate change.These assignments entailed development of protocols, field monitoring, surveys, reviews , technical reports and policy briefs   


Chapters in Books already published

*1. Ana G.R (2011) :Air Pollution in the Niger Delta Area: Scope, Challenges and Remedies.In: The Impact of Air Pollution on Health, Economy, Environment and  Agricultural Sources. Ed. Mohammed K. Khallaf Intech Publishers, Croatia  (ISBN 978- 953-307-528-0). Pp. 181-198.

*2. Ana, G.R and Ajewole, O.I (2011) Urban Forestry and Public Health. In: Book of  Reading in Forestry, Wildlife management and Fisheries. Ed. A. A .Aiyeloja and H.M.  Ijeomah. Published by Topbase Nigeria Limited (ISBN 978-978-919-624-1).Pp. 69-103

*3. Ana, G.R.(2012)Agricultural Production and Related Public Health Hazards in Nigeria. In: Challenges to Sustainable Production in Agriculture and Environment: Nigeria in Perspective.Ed. H. M. Ijeomah and A. A.Aiyeloja. Published by Topbase  Nigeria Ltd (ISBN 978-978-933-048-5).Pp 587-610.

*4. Butler, C.D, Mathieson,A, Bowles,D.C, Ana, G.R and Cisse, G (2014) Climate Change and health in Africa. In: Climate Change and Global Health. Ed. Colin D. Butler

Published by CABI, Wallingford UK (ISBN-13:9781780642659). Pp. 218-22.

5. G.R. Ana, Oyewale Mayowa Morakinyo and Gregory Adekunle Fakunle(2015)Indoor Air Quality and Risk Factors Associated with Respiratory conditions in Nigeria. In

Current Air Quality Issues Edited by Farhad Nejadkoorki. INTECH Publishers 547-568 ISBN 9789535121800

Articles that have already appeared in Referred conference Proceedings

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10. Ana, M.G., Dairo, M.D., Adebowale, S and Ana, G.R (2012) A hospital-based Pilot survey of Acute Respiratory Infections among under five children in Ibadan, Nigeria. In: Building Resilience in Sustainable Development in a Changing World. Proceedings of the Ibadan Sustainable Development Summit. Published by Sapphire Prints (ISBN: 978-978- 51675-6-6)Pp.186-191

11. Ana, G.R., Adebola, P.A and Olamijulo, J.O (2014) Control of Air Pollution from Portable Generator under Regulated Conditions. Proceedings of the Air and Waste Management Association conference held in Long Beach, California, USA.Pg1-5

Articles that have already appeared in learned journals

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