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University of Ibadan, Ibadan   1977-1980

University of Ibadan, Ibadan   1983-1985

University of Ibadan, Ibadan   1987-1989

University of Ibadan, Ibadan

University of Ibadan, Ibadan   1977-1980

University of Ibadan, Ibadan   1983-1985

University of Ibadan, Ibadan   1987-1989

University of Ibadan, Ibadan

B.Sc (Hons)








Gastro Intestinal Physiology

Positions and Honors


Assistant Lecturer: University of Jos, 1985-1990

Lecturer II: University of Jos, 1990-1993

Promoted to Lecturer II: 1st October 1990

Lecturer I: University of Ibadan, 1993-1998

*Promoted to Senior lecturer: 1st October 1998

Senior Lecturer: University of Ibadan, 1998 –Sept 2008.

Associate Professor: University of Ibadan, October 2008 to date


Awarded Third World Academy of Sciences; South-South Research                

Fellowship to China (May-July, 1995)

Fellow: New York Academy of Sciences (Member)

Fellow: Centre for Peace and Conflicts studies (University of Ibadan].

Physiological Society of Nigeria [Member]

West African Society of Gastroenterology [Member]

West African Society of Pharmacology [Member]



1. FMS/ RG/UJ/ 85-86/03               (1986; University of Jos) 

2. FMS/UJ/1990-91/05                  (1990; University of Jos)

3.  SRG/COM/1996/15A                 (1995; University of Ibadan)

4. SRG/COM/2000/12A                  (2002; University of Ibadan)

5. SRG/COM/2006/47A                    (2007; University of Ibadan)

On-going Research Support

Possible mechanism underlining the anti-ulcer effect of garlic sativum in wistar albino rats (self sponsored).



Peer-reviewed Publications


 Articles that have already appeared in referred conference proceedings:

 (1)      Ogundipe,O.O. Moody J.O. Oluwole F.S. and Fakeye T.O (1998):  Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial activities of selected Nigerian plant foods.  In: Proceedings on standardization and utilization of herbal medicines: Changes of the 21st century, 1st International workshop on Herbal medicinal products, University of Ibadan, Nov. 22-24,

Articles that have already appeared in learned journals:

(2)      Oluwole F.S. and Bolarinwa Yombo (1986):  Buffering Capacity of some      Nigerian Food substances, Scand. J. Gastroenterology (Netherlands), suppl volume 124, No 21: 113 – 120.

(3)      Oluwole F.S. and Bolarinwa A.F. (1990):  Effect of gonadectomy on indomethacin induced ulceration and peptic activity in rats. Afr. J. Medicine and Medical Sciences (Nigeria), Volume 19: 139 – 143.

(4)      Adeniyi K.O. and Oluwole F.S. (1990):  Influence of thyroid hormones on indomethacin induced gastric ulceration in rats.  Nig. J. Physiol. Sci (Nigeria). Vol. 6, No 2.192-196.

 (5)    Oluwole F.S., Bolarinwa A. F and Ihueze, C.H (1991): Influence of variety of Nigerian rice on experimental peptic ulceration. Nig. Med. J (Nigeria), Vol 21, No. 1. 1-4.

 (6)     Oluwole F.S., and Bolarinwa A.F. (1991):  Experimental peptic ulceration during oestrous cycle. Nig. J. Physiol. Sci (Nigeria), Vol 7, No.1 18-21.

(7)      Obatomi A.B. and Oluwole F.S. (1990/91):  Effect of ether extract of Ricinus communis  on basal gastric acid and experimental gastric ulceration.  West African Journal of Pharmacology and Drug Research (Ghana), vol 9/10; 47-50.

(8)      T.O.E Alemika and F.S. Oluwole.,(1990/91):  An investigation of the potentials of Boswellia dalzielli and  commiphora kerstingiii in the treatment of ulcer.  West African Journal of Pharmacology and Drug Research (Ghana), Vol. 9/10; 91-94. 

(9)      Oluwole F.S. and Obatomi A.B. (1990/91): The possible ulcerogenic effect of Garciniaconruana (Bitter Kola) in rat.  West African Journal of Pharmacology and Drug Research (Ghana), Vol 9/10; 44-46.

(10)    Oluwole F.S. and Bolarinwa A.F.  (1995): Possible leucopenic properties    of Jatrophacurcas extract in rats. Himalayan J. Env. Zool (India).9,73-74.

(11)   C.H. Ihezue., F.S.  Oluwole,J.E. Onuminya and M.C. Okoronkwo (1996):  Dyspepsia among the highlanders of Nigeria: An epidemiological survey.  Afr.J. Medicine and Med .Sci (Nigeria). Vol. 25, No.1:23-29

(12)   Oluwole F.S. and Bolarinwa A.F (1997):  Jatrophacurcas extract causes                anemia in rat. Phytotherapy Research (United Kingdom), Vol.11; 538-539.                

(13)   Oluwole F.S. and Bolarinwa A.F. (1997): Effects  ofPetiveriaalliacea on    gastrointestinal function.  West African Journal of Pharmacology and Drug Research (Ghana), Vol. 13, No.1/2, 13-17.

(14)   Oluwole F.S. and Bolarinwa A.F. (1997): The uterine contractile effect of Petiveriaalliacea seed.  Fitoterapia (Italy), Vol. 69, No.1:3-6.

(15)  Oluwole F.S. and Ojo, M.K.: (2001): Changes in haematological indices and plasma electrolyte levels among Nigerian smokers. Bioscience Research Communication (Nigeria) 13 (5),523-527.

(16)  F.S. Oluwole, (2001): Effects of garlic on some haematological and biochemical parameters. Afr. J. Biomedical Res (Nigeria). 4, 139-141.

(17)  Oluwole, F.S. Maduabuchi, N. O. Odetola A.A. (2002):  Anti-ulcerogenic effects of Phyllanthusamarus in rats. Nig.J. Physiol Sc (Nigeria). 17(1-2), 52-56.

(18)  Oluwole, F.S.,Falade A.O. and Ogundipe O.O. (2003): Anti-inflammatory effect of some common Nigerian vegetables. Nig. J. Physiol. Sc (Nigeria). 18 (1-2), 35-38.

 (19)  Adesanwo J.K., Ekundayo O.; Oluwole, F.S. Olajide O.A. Van den Berge A.J.J. and Findlay, J.A. (2003): The effect of Tetracera potatoria and its constituent betulinic acid on gastric acid secretion and experimentally – induced gastric ulceration. Nig. J. Physiol.Sc (Nigeria). 18 (1-2): 21-26.

(20)  Adeniyi B.A., F.S. Oluwole and F.M.Anyiam (2006): Antimicrobial and antiulcer activities of methanolic extract of Allium sativum on Helicobacter pylori. Journal of Biological Sci (Pakistan)  6(3) 521-526

(21) F.S.Oluwole. and Iyortim M.I. [2006]: Monosodium glutamate, a                 possible threat to gastric integrity in rats. Journal of biological sciences (Pakistan) 6 (4): 671-674.

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(24)  F. S. Oluwole and Oyedeji K.O. [2007]: Calcium ions influences smooth muscle relaxant response to aqueous extract of Portulacaoleracea Journal of Medical Sciences (Pakistan) 7 [2]: 238-242.

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(27)   Amadi, K., Sabo, A.M., Ogunkeye.,O.O and Oluwole, F.S (2008): Thyroid hormone: A prime suspect in Human Imminodeficiency Virus (HIV/AIDS) patients? Nig. J. Physiol Sci(Nigeria), 23 (1-2) 61-66

(28) F.S.Oluwole., J.A.Ayo., B.O.Omolaso., B.O.Emikpe and J.K.Adesanwo (2008): Methanolic extract of Tetracera potatoria, an anti ulcer agent increases gastric mucus secretion and endogenous antioxidants. Nig. J. Physiol Sci (Nigeria), 23 (1-2) 79-83

(29)  Adesanwo J.K., Shode F.O., Aiyelaagbe O.O., Rabiu O.O., Oyede R.T. and Oluwole F.S.(2009) Antisecretory and antiulcerogenic activities of the stem bark extract of Melaleuca bracteata and isolation of principles. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research (U.K) 3 (10) 822-824

  (30) T.O.Oyesola., F.S.Oluwole and O.A.Oyesola (2009) Effects of Croton penduliflorus methanolic extract on intestinal enzymes and protein content in pregnant rats. Research Journal of medicinal Plant (U.S.A) 3 (4)  141-145

(31) Onwuchekwa.C., and Oluwole F.S. (2010) Anti-gastric ulcer and antiiflammatory properties of Betulinic acid in male albino rats.Science World Journal U.K) 5(4): 15-17

  (32) Oluwole F.S., Olaleye S.B., Onasanwo S.A. (2011) Effects of aqueous and methanolic extracts of Percea Americana leaf mill (Avocado pear) on gastric acid secretion in male albino rats.European J. Scientific Research 61 (4); 474 - 481


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