Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association, North America (ICOMAA-NA) Welcomes New Executive Committee Members for the 2024-2026 Period

The Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association, North America (ICOMAA-NA) has proudly announced its newly elected executive members for the 2024-2026 tenure. The incoming leaders, who bring a wealth of experience and dedication, are set to steer the association towards greater achievements.

Dr. Modupe Sokunbi née Ogunnaike, MBBS 1982, has been appointed as President. Dr. Sokunbi takes on her role as President with an impressive track record including her role as the first female Chief of Staff at Nacogdoches Medical Center and her current position as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. In light of her distinctive antecedents, Dr. Sokunbi is poised to lead ICOMAA-NA with exemplary excellence. Dr. Olatunji Akintilo, of the MBBS Class of 1989, will be serving alongside her as the newly elected Vice-President. Dr. Akintilo has served as the General Secretary of ICOMAA-NA from 2022 to 2024 and is the Medical Director of Utilization Management at United Health Group. His commitment to the association and the medical profession is well-known and commendable.

The new General Secretary, Dr. Tony Anani, of the MBBS Class of 2002, is a Pediatric Gastroenterologist and the Chief Medical Officer at Cook Children's Medical Center in Prosper, Texas. Dr. Anani’s extensive experience in paediatric care and medical leadership will greatly benefit the association. Dr. Bolanle Akinlade, of the MBBS Class of 1988, also joins the executive team as the Assistant Secretary. Dr. Akinlade is a board-certified internist and Senior Vice President at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, bringing a strong background in both clinical practice and corporate leadership.

The Financial Secretary position is held by Dr. Adeolu Ajala, a Senior Physical Therapist and Clinical Instructor with the New York City Public Schools and Supervising Therapist at NYC Health and Hospitals. Dr. Ajala, an alumnus from 2001, has been a vital part of the medical community in New York. Dr. Adeyinka Akinboboye née Williams, of the BDS Class of 1987, will serve as the Publicity Secretary. Dr Adeyinka Akinboboye is the owner of Dental Care, P.C., and she continues to demonstrate significant expertise in dentistry and public health.

Also serving on the ICOMAA NA Executive Committee as Ex-Officio members – are the immediate past president, Dr. Abraham Ariyo (MBBS Class of 1988), a past president, Dr. Dolamu Sokunbi (MBBS Class of 1981), also a past president, Dr. Titi Britto née George (MBBS Class of 1986), Dr. Bisi Pearse née Obatoyinbo (MBBS Class of 1987) and Dr. Nosamiefan Imina (MBBS Class of 1987).

The 2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association of North America (ICOMAA-NA)

The 2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association of North America (ICOMAA-NA) was a resounding success, marked by vibrant colours, insightful discussions, and a spirit of camaraderie. The event drew a diverse group of alumni, faculty, and guests, who all contributed to the colourful and collegial atmosphere, making the AGM an unforgettable experience.

The meeting commenced with a warm welcome from the outgoing executive committee, setting the tone for the event. Attendees were treated to a series of informative and thought-provoking sessions, each designed to promote collaboration and innovation within the ICOMAA-NA community.

Dr. Tunji Akintilo, Vice-President of ICOMAA-NA, expressed his gratitude in a very detailed release made available to the College’s Media Team. "The AGM was a huge success, thanks to all who attended and contributed. Special thanks to Prof. Olakunle Akinboboye for sponsoring the dinner in collaboration with Alnylam, and to Prof. Olufunso Famuyiwa and other Board of Trustees Members for their support. We deeply appreciate the efforts of the outgoing executive committee and the general membership," he stated.

A significant moment of the AGM was also the recognition of the Distinguished Alumni Lecturer, Dr. Felix Olayinka Sogade.

Dr. Sogade is the founder and C.E.O. of Georgia Arrhythmia Consultants, the World's largest Black electrophysiology company. He is an expert in treating complex arrhythmias, stroke, and preventing sudden cardiac death. Dr. Sogade is also currently an Associate Professor of Medicine at Mercer University School of Medicine in Macon, Georgia, and Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology at Navicent Health. He was recently celebrated in a College's media release as the 2024 Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association of North America (ICOMAA-NA) Distinguished Alumnus Speaker and for donating $25,000 with his wife to the Student' Hostel Building Project at the College of Medicine.

The Special Guest of the AGM, Honourable Minister of State for Health and Social Welfare, Dr. Tunji Alausa, along with his team including Dr. Bayo Adedewe (MBBS Class of 1987), were also present at the event.  Their presence pointed to the strong ties between ICOMAA-NA and key health institutions in the country to further highlight the collaborative efforts aimed at advancing healthcare in Nigeria. Dr. Akintilo further emphasised the importance of active participation from all members. "We need all hands on deck to ensure the continued success of ICOMAA-NA. It is not just the responsibility of the executive committee but every member of our community to stay engaged and support our activities. Connect with fellow alumni, support ICOMAA-NA activities, pay the $100 annual dues, and attend the AGM. Without this collective effort, we risk missing out on the achievements we are capable of as a united community," he urged.

The AGM also featured lively socialising sessions, affectionately referred to as "owambe," which were described as one-in-a-million. These sessions provided a relaxed and joyous environment for attendees to enjoy music, dance, and laughter, further enhancing the sense of community and togetherness.

The dinner, sponsored by Prof. Olakunle Akinboboye and Alnylam, was a treat. The attendees enjoyed various delicious dishes. The dinner also allowed alumni to reconnect, reminisce, and form new relationships, strengthening the bonds within the ICOMAA-NA community. In reflecting on the event, many attendees expressed their appreciation for the meticulous planning and execution that went into making the AGM a success. The outgoing executive committee was lauded for their hard work and dedication, and the incoming executive committee received a warm welcome, with members expressing their excitement for the future of ICOMAA-NA.

In a poignant moment that captures the spirit of the AGM this year, Dr. Akintilo shared a conversation he had with a fellow alumnus, which encapsulated the essence of the AGM. "My buddy started saying, 'I am disappointed that ICOMAA-NA is not doing…', and he abruptly cut himself short mid-sentence and continued, 'Dandy, I am so sorry. I could be disappointed all I want, but I just realized, what am I doing about it?' Yes, I thought, you are right. What are we all doing about the organization? It's not just the Sokunbis, or Tony Anani, or the EXCO who are responsible. It is ALL of us. We need ALL hands on deck!" He recounted.

This sentiment of collective responsibility and engagement was echoed at the AGM, with a call to action for all members to actively participate in the association's activities and initiatives. The incoming executive committee emphasised their commitment to driving a culture of engagement, encouraging every member to contribute to the growth and success of ICOMAA-NA.

Remarks from the Provost of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan

In her written remarks, the Provost of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan (CoMUI), Professor Olayinka Omigbodun FAS, expressed her confidence in the new executives. She said, “The competence, courage, candour, capability, and character of the new executives will undoubtedly take the ICOMAA-NA community to greater heights. Our administration has benefited immensely from the support of the alumni community, particularly the ICOMAA-NA chapter, which has been at the forefront of initiatives like the Students' Hostel Building Project and the Sponsor-A-Student Programme.”

Professor Omigbodun added, “This new set of executives will continue to exemplify great leadership as they work hand-in-hand with the College leadership, ICOMAA Worldwide and other ICOMAA Chapters to make our institution a pride of the country and the continent. There is still much to do, and we are confident in their ability to deliver.”

The Provost prayed for wisdom, strength, and successful tenure for the new executive members as they lead the ICOMAA-NA community. She adds that with strong leadership and active engagement from all members, ICOMAA-NA is poised for continued success and growth, even in the years to come.

ICOMAA NA Executive Members 2024-2026 . From Left to Right- Dr. Adeolu Ajala PT, Emily Ega , Dr. Bisi Pearse, Dr. Abraham Ariyo, Dr. Modupe Sokunbi, Dr. Dolamu Sokunbi, Dr. Titi Britto, Dr. Tunji Akintilo, Dr. Yinka Williams- Akinboboye BDS, Dr. Tony Anani


Short Profiles & Pictures of New Executive Members


 Modupe A. Sokunbi. MD. F.A.A.P, MBBS. COMUI (MBBS/BDS Class of 1982)
ICOMAA NA President 2024-2026.
ICOMAA NA Vice President-2022-2024.
Publicity Secretary 2017-2022.
Private Practice, Texas.
Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics.
First Female Chief of Staff, Nacogdoches Medical Center.
Clinical Assistant Professor (Community Faculty) School of Medicine, UTMB Gavelston.

ICOMAA3Dr. Olatunji Akintilo (MBBS/BDS Class of 1989)
Vice President ICOMAA-NA
General Secretary, ICOMAA-NA 2022-24
Medical Director, Utilization Management, United Health Group.




Anthony Anani MD MPH MBA FAAP (MBBS/BDS Class of 2002)
Pediatric Gastroenterologist.
Chief Medical Officer, Cook Children's Medical Center Prosper, Prosper TX USA
General Secretary ICOMAA NA 2024-2026
Financial Secretary ICOMAA NA 2021-2024.


Bolanle Akinlade, MBBS, MBA, FACP (MBBS/BDS Class of 1988)
Assistant Secretary of ICOMAA NA (2024-2026)
Board-certified Internist
Senior Vice President, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals


Dr Adeolu Ajala, PT, MSc, DPT, CEEAA (MBBS/BDS Class of 2001)
Senior Physical Therapist and Clinical Instructor, New York City Public Schools, NY
Supervising Therapist,
NYC Health and Hospitals, NY


Adeyinka Williams- Akinboboye, BDS, DDS, MPH, FICOI, (MBSS/BDS Class of 1987)
ICOMAA-NA Publicity Secretary
Owner, Dental Care, P. C.


Ex-Officio Members

 Dr. Abraham Ariyo, MBBS Class of 1988    Dr Olabisi Pearse, MBBS Class of 1987 
 Dr. Titi Britto, MBBS Class of 1986   Dr Dolamu Sokunbi, MBBS Class of 1981



Dr. Nosamiefan Imina, MBBS Class of 1987

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