Femi Adebajo Donates a High-Tech Document Scanner to The Office of the Provost of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan

Renowned alumnus Femi Adebajo, MRCPsych, a Consultant Psychiatrist at Royal Cornhill Hospital in Aberdeen, UK, and a proud graduate of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan (CoMUI) Class of 1991, has demonstrated an exceptional act of generosity by donating a state-of-the-art document scanner to his alma mater. The Office of the Provost at the College of Medicine gratefully received this valuable contribution on Friday, 9 June, marking a significant step forward in enhancing the institution's document management practices.

Driven by his curiosity about the ever-increasing paper clutter in our lives and the fate of accumulated documents, Mr. Adebajo embarked on a personal journey to digitize his own records, including photographs. Recognizing the transformative potential of digital archiving, he decided to make a difference by providing the College of Medicine with a state-of-the-art Document Camera X3, a high-definition portable scanner with an A3 capture size. Equipped with multi-language OCR, English article recognition, USB connectivity, and SDK & Twain compatibility, this powerful scanner offers an array of functionalities to enhance productivity.

Mr. Adebajo expressed his confidence that this advanced document scanner will significantly improve the efficiency of the busy academic and administrative institution. Its capabilities allow for the seamless conversion of various documents, certificates, journals, magazines, and photographs into a searchable and secure digital format. The advantages of easy sharing, convenient archiving, quick reference, and searchability are immediately apparent, addressing the challenges of managing vast amounts of paper-based information.

The Document Camera X3 is designed for user-friendliness, boasting a simple plug-and-play functionality that makes it accessible to all staff members. Its lightweight and compact design ensures a minimal desktop footprint, making it a versatile addition to the College's workspace.

Expressing his gratitude to the dedicated staff members who continuously strive to develop the institution's human resources and nurture the next generation, Mr. Adebajo commended their unwavering commitment. He firmly believes that the donated scanner will further enhance their work and contribute to the overall advancement of the College.

The College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, extends its heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Femi Adebajo for his thoughtful and invaluable donation. This act of generosity will undoubtedly propel the institution towards a more efficient and technologically advanced future, as it embraces the power of digital archiving to support its academic and administrative endeavours.

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