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Name: Dr. Temitope A. Laniyan

Faculty:Public Health
Department: Environmental Health Sciences

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Temitope Ayodeji Laniyan (nee Adesoji) B.Sc,M.Sc, PhD (Ibadan)

Dr Temitope Laniyan graduated from the Department of Geology, University of Ibadan in 1992. She had her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) at The Shell Petroleum Development Company, (West) Warri and was retained as a contract staff there till 1994 due to her efficiency and dedication. Temitope worked in several places between 1994 and 1997. She then proceeded for her master’s degree in 1999 and postdoctoral degree in 2012 specializing in Environmental Geochemistry. She then got employment with the Oyo state Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM) as a graduate teacher between 2000 and 2006 before being employment by the Council of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye in 2006 into the Department of Earth Sciences, as an Assistant Lecturer. Apart from teaching in the school she held some administrative positions both in her Department and Faculty such as member of the Departmental Nigerian University Commission (NUC) accreditation committee, Chairman of Faculty for Committee Special Duties and Sub-Dean (Undergraduate) for her faculty. Temitope rose to the position of Senior Lecturer in October, 2016 before she moved to the Department of Environmental Health Sciences (EHS), Faculty of Public Health, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan as an Environmental Geologist/Geo-health in September 2018. Area of Specialization Majority (85%) of Dr Laniyan’s publications were in the Environmental Geologist/Geo-health. The early part of her research work was conducted at different facets of environmental geology in Nigeria. She has conducted research to add to the knowledge of environmental pollution (anthropogenic and geogenic) and geo-resource management in relation to diseases of public health importance. The majority of her works were influenced by the high rate of improper waste disposal, overcrowding, run-off water, and artisanal mining found in many Nigerian communities. This influenced her passion for the need for a green environment and how to keep it green in order to generate a healthier public. Dr Laniyan has widely researched the impact of Potentially Toxic Elements (PTE) on water and soil from markets, industries, communities, and dumpsites, as well as the effect of rock fracture, weathering, and erosion on water and soil. Her work mainly contributed to the understanding of geohealth and environmental epidemiology. Some of her research study provides relevant information for ongoing efforts to eradicate waste and to the science of a healthy environment.




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(a)    Completed:

The geochemical evaluation of groundwater in south-east Abeokuta, south - western Nigeria

Geochemical analysis and effects of heavy metals on the soil and environment of the southern part of Lafarge cement Wapco Nigeria plc, SW Nigeria.

Geochemical assessment of Escherichia on groundwater of major market along the same trend.

Influence of Leachates on groundwater quality in Sagamu SW, Nigeria.

Geochemical characteristics of soils and waters within and around a cemetery in Oru, SW Nigerian.

Detection of Variation in Bedrock Lithology from Computer stimulated resistivity sounding data (Sc Geology 1992).

The Geochemistry of Groundwater of the areas surrounding the Ring – Road Central Refuse Dump Site Ibadan South-Western Nigeria (Sc.1999).

(b)     In Progress:

 Geochemical impact assessment of artisanal mining in Osun State

A research study on the impact of illegal mining on the land of Osun state. Soils and stream sediments within the area were collected for analysis and questionnaires were also done to evaluate the environmental impact assessment on both the health and environment in the whole. Result obtained will help in evaluating the effect of these miners on the health of the community.

(c) Dissertation and Thesis

Geochemical Evaluation and Remediation Methods of Arsenic in Surface and Ground Water in   Ibadan Metropolis (Ph. D. 2012)


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3. Journal Articles

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20.Laniyan, T.A. and Morakinyo, O.M. (2021) Environmental sustainability and prevention of heavy metal pollution of some geo-materials within a city in southwestern Nigeria. Heliyon



    Masters Level 05

Project Title Respiratory symptom and lung function impairment associated with occupational exposure to particulate matter amongst cement retailers and manual workers in Ibadan, Southwest, Nigeria. 

Student’s Name AKINDULURE, Kolawole 

Examining Body University of Ibadan

Year of Entry 2020/2021

Project Title The environmental and health effects of artisanal and small-scale mining in developing countries; Nigeria

Student’s Name OSHINGBADE Olamide S

Examining Body University of Ibadan

Year of Entry 2020/2021

Project Title Environmental impact of abattoir effluent on the quality of groundwater in Kara, Lagos state

Student’s Name OGBUE, Bridget O

Examining Body University of Ibadan

Year of Entry 2020/2021

Project Title Toxicology effect of solid waste on fresh water fishes

Student’s Name SHODIPO, Bashirat Oluwafunmilayo

Examining Body University of Ibadan

Year of Entry 2020/2021

Project Title The effect of vehicles exhaust emission on vended fruits and vegetables

Student’s Name IGBADUME, Vicky Efelomoh

Examining Body University of Ibadan

Year of Entry 2020/2021


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