Dr. Oyekunle Ismail Muraina, A Platinum Donor, Pays a Visit to the Construction Site of the Ongoing Students' Hostel Building Project

Dr. Oyekunle Ismail Muraina, a distinguished alumnus of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan (CoMUI) MBBS class of 1986, and a platinum donor, recently visited the construction site of the ongoing student hostel project.

Dr. Muraina is an accomplished Consultant Physician in Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care Medicine, Sleep Medicine, and Internal Medicine. He has always exhibited a strong affinity for his alma mater. His commitment to giving back to CoMUI was evident when he made a generous donation of $12,000 towards the student hostel project. This substantial contribution placed him at the platinum donor level, exemplifying his unwavering support for the College.

On the 5th of July 2023, Dr. Muraina had earlier visited his secondary school's alma mater, Ibadan City Academy, Elete. Following his visit to the secondary school, he proceeded to pay a visit to the Provost, Professor Olayinka Omigbodun FAS, who led the CoMUI Management Team to accompany him to the construction site of the students’ hostel building project. With the Provost on this site visit were the Deputy Provost, Professor Ade Fatai Adeniyi (Secretary to the Building Committee) and the Secretary to the College, Mr. Emmanuel Odedele. The Co-Chairs of the Accreditation Committee for the MBBS and BDS programmes in the College, the Dean of the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, Professor Temidayo Ogundiran and the Dean of Dentistry, Professor Bamidele Kolude also accompanied the Provost to assess the progress being made.

 Dr. Muraina joined in the discussion with the contractors regarding the project's progress. The recent wet terrain was a topic of concern, but Dr. Muraina remained optimistic, emphasizing the importance of completing the project successfully.

build 2From Left to Right: Architect Abass (Contractor); Secretary to the College, Mr. Emmanuel Odedele; Provost, Professor Olayinka Omigbodu FAS; Dr. Muriana; Building Committee Co-Chair, Professor Oke; Deputy Provost, Professor A.F Adeniyi; Dean of Dentistry, Professor Kolude; and Dean of Clinical Sciences, Professor Ogundiran.

build 3The Provost, Professor Olayinka Omigbodun FAS, leading Dr. Muraina to the construction site

build 4Professor Gbemisola Oke, Co-Chair Building Committee (Extreme left) leads the tour of the wet terrain as the Contractor (third from left) describes the measures being put in place to increase the pace of work which had slowed as a result of the rains.

During the site visit, the Provost took the opportunity to discuss the change in the value of the Nigerian naira with Dr. Muraina. She also described measures put in place to mitigate the impact of currency fluctuations such only converting funds that are needed and paying for items such as reinforcements and cement in bulk. Dr. Muraina acknowledged the importance of these considerations and expressed his support.

build 5The Provost in a heartfelt discussion on the progress of the work with Dr. Muraina at the work site with the Deans in the background

build 6Interactions between the contractor and the visiting team

On return from the construction site, the Provost hosted Dr. Muraina in her office where he was presented with a plaque as a recognition of his generous contribution and a significant acknowledgment of his platinum donor status.

build 7The Provost, Professor Olayinka Omigbodun FAS, presenting the Built to Build Platinum Donor Plaque to Dr. Muraina confirming his platinum donor status.

build 8Dr. Muraina displays his plaque in the company of the Provost, the Secretary to the College [from the left], and the Deputy Provost [from the right].

build 9Dr. Muraina looks excitedly at other CoMUI’s merchandizes gifted him at the Provost Office

Dr. Muraina's dedication to supporting the building project extends beyond his personal contributions. During his visit, he expressed his desire to actively reach out to other potential donors. It is important to note that Dr. Muraina belongs to a group of six friends from the Macon area of Atlanta, all esteemed members of the class of '86, who came together and decided that they would all become platinum donors. Aside from Dr. Muraina they include:

  • Chukwuemeka Nwabuebo
  • Obinnaya Emerole
  • Leslie D. Leigh
  • Felix Olayinka Sogade
  • Peter Eweje

The Provost stressed that Dr. Muraina’s visit was very important and she further encouraged all alumni to visit and witness the building project progress made possible by their contributions. She added that such visits deepen the accountability process of the ongoing project and foster a stronger connection between the alumni and the College which reaffirms the value of shared support.

Dr. Muraina's generous donations; his recent visit, fruitful interactions, and discussions have not only inspired the team but have also laid the foundation for additional contributions and fundraising efforts. The college expresses its gratitude to him for his support and encourages all alumni to follow his example in giving back to the College and to take time out to assess the progress of their impactful interventions.

build 10

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