Dr Omotola Abdulmalik

Name: Omotola ABDULMALIK

Designation: Lecturer II 

Faculty: Basic medical sciences 

Department: Anatomy

Phone number: +2348028672064

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I hold a MBBS degree from the university of Ilorin, MSc degree in Anatomy and currently undertaking my PhD studies at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. My research interests include Pathology of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and toxicology.


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Abdulmalik, O. (2021) ANA 213: Introduction to Anatomy in Distance Learning Centre. ISBN 978-021-701-0


Journal Articles

1. Abdulmalik O, Oladapo O.O, Bolaji M.O. 2016. Effect of aqueous extract of Vernonia Amygdalina on atherosclerosis in rabbits. ARYA atherosclerosis. Jan; 12(1):35-40.

2. Comparative study of artherogenic effects of common Nigerian edible oils in male rabbits. OO Oladapo, MO Bolaji, O Abdul-Malik. Br J Med Med Res 20 (7), 1-10

3. The Effect of Aqueous Extract of Vernonia Amygdalina (Bitter Leaf) on Antioxidants and the Liver of Rabbits on High Cholesterol Diet. O Abdulmalik, OO Oladapo. International Journal of Biochemistry Research & Review 29 (9), 91-100

4. Rodent control methods and knowledge of potential human toxicity in Ibadan: a pilot study. OS Michael, JA Badejo, MO Adetona, O Abdulmalik, OS Oyedun, J Anetor, ...African Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences 49 (3), 331-338

5. Blood Pressure-lowering activity of Extract and Fractions of Persea americana Leaf. JA Badejo, OS Michael, O Odebiyi, MO Adetona, O Abdulmalik, E Agbebi, ... Archives of Basic and Applied Medicine 10 (1), 55-63

6. Mechanisms of anti-hypertensive activity of methanol leaf extract and fractions of Persea americana Mill.(Lauraceae) in rats. JA Badejo, OS Michael, MO Adetona, O Abdulmalik, E Agbebi, ...Nigerian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research 18 (1), 63-74



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