Dr. Oluyemisi F. FOLASIRE

Basic Information


Name:Dr. Oluyemisi F. FOLASIRE


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 Department:Human Nutrition

 Designation: Senior Lecturer

 Brief Biography:


    I        a) Name:                                  Oluyemisi Folake Folasire

             b) Date of Birth:                                 15August, 1971

             c) Department:                           Human Nutrition

             d) Faculty:                                  Public Health

             e) College:                                 College of Medicine

   II        a) First Academic Appointment:          Lecturer I (1 February, 2011)

             b) Present Post (with date):               Lecturer I (1 February, 2011-Date)

             c) Date of last promotion:                  Not applicable

             d) Date last considered for promotion: Not applicable


  • University of Ibadan                                    1988- 1992
  • College of Medicine, University of Ibadan     1994- 2000
  • University College Hospital, Ibadan                2004- 2009
  • University of Ibadan                                   2012 -2014

   IV Academic Qualifications (with dates and granting bodies)

  • (Medicine & Surgery), University of Ibadan             2000

   V. Professional Qualifications and Diplomas (with date):

       a) Associate Fellow, National Postgraduate College of Physicians (Fam.Med.) 2007

       b) Fellow, West African College of Physicians (Fam. Med.)         2009

VI. Scholarships, Fellowships and Prizes (with dates)

  • Recipient, Johnson & Johnson, UCLA/GIMPA/AMREF Scholarship to attend
    Management Training for HIV Managers, Ghana                       2009
  • Recipient, Women Working Party (WWP) of WONCA,
    Bursary Award, Cancun, Mexico                                             2010
  • Recipient, Netherlands Fellowship Program (NFP) study grant to attend
    HIV, Food and Nutrition Security Course, Wageningen                2013
  • Recipient, Postgraduate Academic Mobility for African Physician-Scientists (PAMAPS) award                                                                               2016
  • Recipient,DST‐NRF Centre of Excellence in Food Security (CoE‐
  • Recipient, 15thAfrican Nutrition Leadership Program (ANLP) Award Sept. 2016

VII. Honours, Distinctions and Membership of Learned  Societies:

  • Member, Medical and Dental Consultant (MDCAN), U.C.H Chapter 2009-Date
  • Member, Medical Women Association of Nigeria (MWAN),
         Oyo state chapter                                                               2000-Date
  • Member, World Organisation of National Family Physicians (WONCA)   2010-Date
  • Member, International AIDS Society (IAS)                             2010-Date
  • Member, Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN)                               2012 -Date
  • Member, African Nutrition Society (ANS)                                  2012-Date
  • Member, American Society of Nutrition (ASN)                         2012-Date
  • Award of Excellence, 43rdUIMSA Annual Health Week               2009

VIII. Details of Teaching Experience at University Level

  • Teaching

I have been teaching the following courses along with others in the Department of Human Nutrition, since my assumption of duty, details hereby listed below

I also teach undergraduate medical students and resident doctors at the Family Medicine Clinic, University College Hospital campus of the University.

  • NUT 201: Introduction to foods and nutrition I                2011-Date
  • NUT 202: Introduction to foods and nutrition II               2011-2013
  • NUT 301: Principles of Human Nutrition                        2011-Date
  • NUT 302: Principles of Human Nutrition II                    2012-Date
  • NUT 305: Public Health Nutrition                                  2011-Date
  • NUT 404: Community Nutrition                                    2011-2012
  • NUT 406: Clinical Nutrition                                         2011-Date
  • NUD 708: Food/Nutrient Drug Interactions                     2012/2013 session
  • NUT 716: Public Health Nutrition                                 2013/2014 session
  • NUT 719: Nutrition planning for Reproductive Health   2013/2014 session

     2. Supervision

I have supervised eight undergraduate BSc. Human Nutrition & Dietetics students, and co-supervised two senior resident doctors Part II Dissertation for West African College of Physicians (Family Medicine).

      3. Administrative Experience

  • Co-ordinator, Family Nutrition Clinic, University College Hospital, Ibadan 2010
  • Member, BSc. Committee,Department of Human Nutrition                  2012-Date
  • Chairperson, Welfare committee Department of Human Nutrition         2014-Date
  • Chairperson, Library committee, Department of Human Nutrition        2014
  • Member, Building /Fund Raising committee, Department of Human Nutrition 2012
  • Member, Environmental committee, Department of Human Nutrition  2012-2013
  • SubDean, Faculty of Public Health, University of Ibadan, Nigeria June 2015-June 2016

     4) Community Service

i)Folasire O.F. Nutrition and Your Health. Rotary InternationalHealth Talk, 2014

ii) Folasire O.F. Your Health During Ebola Crisis. Institutute of Chartered Accountant( ICAN) Bodija branch, 2015

iii) Folasire O.F. Healthy Eating for Women. Idia Hall Health Week 2015.

iv) Folasire O.F. Nutrition and Your Health. Rotary InternationalHealth Talk, 2015

v) Ag. SubDean, Faculty of Public Health, University of Ibadan, Nigeria June 2015-June2016.


  1. Completed

i) Tomori O.F. (1992) Energy intake, expenditure and activity pattern of institutionalized adolescent girls in Ibadan. (P.I.)

ii) Folasire O.F. (2009) Assessment of quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS attending the antiretroviral clinic, University College Hospital, Ibadan. (P.I.)

iii) Folasire O.F. Ogunbode, J.A.M., Ladipo M.MA. Irabor, A.E., Madaki.A. (2014) Evaluation of attitude, self-proficiency and Nutrition knowledge amongst Family Physicians in training in Nigeria.(P.I.)

iv) Ntekim A., Folasire O.F., Folasire A.M., Adenipekun A. (2015)Nutritional status assessment in cancer patients at Department of Radiotherapy, University of College Hospital, Nigeria. (Co-P.I.) 

       b. In progress

  1. Obaro M, Folasire O.F. Adeyemo Effects of Chronic Under-Nutrition on Pharmacokinetics of Amodiaquine and its Metabolites Desethylamodiaquine.(Co-P.I.)

        c. Dissertation and Thesis

  1. Tomori O.F. (1992) Energy intake, expenditure and activity pattern of institutionalized adolescent girls. BSc. Thesis, University of Ibadan 
  2. Folasire O.F. (2009) Assessment of quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS attending the antiretroviral clinic, University College Hospital, Ibadan. FWACP Dissertation
  3. Folasire O.F. Comparison of Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST) and Subjective Global Assessment (SGA) in Nutritional Status evaluation of HIV sero-positive patients. MSc. Thesis, Dept. of Human Nutrition, University of Ibadan. Nigeria.


  1. Books or Chapters in books already published: Nil
  2. Chapters in books already published: Nil
  3. Articles that already appears in referenced conference proceedings: Nil
  4. Patents: Nil
  5. Articles that have already appeared in journals:

1. ColeA.H.,Tomori O.F.Odunbako S.O., Aminu F.T. (2002): Assessmentof energy and selected nutrient intakes, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and body composition of female adolescents. Nigerian Journal of Nutrition Sciences Vol. 36, 97-104(20%) Nigeria

2. Folasire O.F, Irabor A.E, Folasire A.M. (2012): Quality of life of People living  with HIV and AIDS attending the Antiretroviral Clinic, University College Hospital, Nigeria. African Journal Primary Health Care Family Medicine. Vol. 4 No.1, 6-12.http://www.phcfm.org/index.php/phcfm/article/view/294. (70%) South Africa

3. Folasire O.F., Akinyemi O., Owoaje E. (2014): Perceived social support among HIV positive and HIV negative people in Ibadan, Nigeria. World Journal of AIDS Vol.4, No. 1, 15-26. http://dx.doiu.org/10.4236/wja.2014.41003 (70%) USA

4. Folasire, O.F., Akomolafe, A.A., Sanusi, R.A. (2015) Does nutrition knowledge and practice of athletes translate to enhanced athletic performance? Cross-sectional study amongst Nigerian undergraduate athletes. Global Journal of Health Science; Vol. 7, No. 5; 215-225 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4803881/ (70%) Canada

5. Folasire, O.F., Folasire, A.M., Sanusi, R.A. (2015) Measures of Nutritional status and Quality of life in Adult people living with HIV/AIDS at a Tertiary Hospital in Nigeria. Food and Nutrition Sciences, 2015, 6, 412-420 http://www.sciepub.com/journal/JFNR doi: 10.4236/fns.2015.64042 (70%) USA

6. Sanusi, R.A., Ogundero, A., Folasire, O.F. (2015) Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Healthy Lifestyle among Undergraduate Students of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. West African Journal of Foods and Nutrition.12; 2, 58-68. (30%) Nigeria

7. Folasire, O.F. Adebayo, A. M., Sanusi, R.A. (2015) Nutrition evaluation in HIV seropositive patients using the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool and Subjective Global Assessment in Ibadan, Nigeria. Nig. Jour. of Nutr. Sci. (70%) Nigeria.

8. Folasire, O.F., Folasire, A.M., Chikezie, S. (2016) Nutrition-related cancer prevention knowledge of undergraduate students of University of Ibadan, Nigeria. South African Journal of Clinical Nutrition.DOI:10.1080/16070658.2016.1217648.http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/16070658.2016.1217648 (70%) South Africa.

9. Folasire, O.F., Oridupa, O.A., Owolabi, A.J., Adepoju, O.T. (2016) Anti-Hyperglycemic Effect Of Cocoyam(Xanthosoma Sagittifollium) Corm In Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Albino Rats’. International Journal of Nutrition & Metabolism. 8; 4, 24-29,http://www.academicjournals.org/IJNAM.DOI: 10.5897/IJNAM2016.0200 (50%) USA.

Publications before joining the department.

XI. Major Conferences and Workshops attended. Papers Read in the past 5 years

  1. General HIV Medicine workshop, APIN/PEPFAR   Jan. 2008

      2. UCLA/GIMPA/MDI training for HIV managers, Ghana 30th Aug. -5thSept. 2009 Ghana

      3. Folasire O.F., Irabor A.E., Folasire A.M., Akinyemi O., Kanki P., Adewole I. (2010): Predictor of Physical Health domain of quality of life of PLWHA at University College Hospital, Nigeria. Poster presentation: 18th International AIDS conference, AIDS 2010 Vienna. Austria 2010

      4. Folasire O.F., Irabor A.E., Ladipo M.MA, Folasire A. M. (2010): Quality of Life of PLWHA Attending ARV clinic, University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria. Oral Presentation: 19th World Congress of Family Physicians Conference, Cancum 2010 WONCA conference, May 2010, Cancun, Mexico.

      5. Workshop on Grant writing for early researchers. Organized by Research and Management Office/ University of Ibadan and National Institute of Health(NIH) Sept. 2011

      6. Workshop on Biosafety and Good Laboratory Practice, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, 28th Feb.-1stMarch, 2012

      7. The Malaria Action Programme for State (MAPS), Step Down Training for Health Care Workers by U.C.H /Family Med. Dept. July  2012

      8. 2nd Federation of African Nutrition Societies (FANUS) Congress, Abuja Sept. 2012  

      9. Short course on HIVAIDS, Nutrition and Food Security, Wageningen, Sept. 22-Oct. 12th 2013 Netherlands

     10. Folasire O.F., Sanusi R.A., Adebayo A. (2013): Correlation between selected nutritional parameters as measures of nutritional status in adult people living with HIV in South- West Nigeria. Poster presented: Third Advances and Controversies in Clinical Nutrition conference, by American Society for Nutrition. Dec 4-7th Washington, United States

      11. Training workshop for Horizon 2020. Organised by Research Management Office, University of Ibadan. Jan.2014

      12. Folasire O.F., Akomolafe A., Sanusi R.A.(2014) Nutrition Knowledge, athletic practice and performance of undergraduate athletes in Nigeria. 6th ANEC conference organizers African Nutrition Society, American Society for Nutrition & Nutrition Society, UK. July, Ghana

      13. Folasire O.F., Chikezie S., Sanusi R.A.(2014) Nutrition knowledge on cancer prevention amongst undergraduates of University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Nutrition Congress 2014, organizers Nutrition Society and South African Dietetic Association. September 16th-19th Johannesburg, South Africa

       14. Workshop on Online information Access and reference management, Zotero / Endnote. Organized by MEPIN/ Medical LIB. U.I. 4th -5th April 2012                                                                                       

       15. Developing the Total Woman Through CARE” -Nutrition Perspective. Paper presented at the 1stOyo State National Women Summit 2012. Kakanfo Hotel, Ibadan 2012                                  

       16. Workshop on Manuscript writing for early researchers. Organised by Medical Education Partnership in Nigeria, (MEPIN). Ibadan, Nigeria July 2013

Folasire O.F., Folasire A.M., Ntekim A.(2016)Nutritional Status Of Breast Cancer Patients Attending The Radiotherapy Clinic, University College Hospital, Nigeria. ORAL Presentation at the forthcoming 7th African Nutrition Epidemiology Conference, organized by the African Nutrition Society, Nutrition Society, UK & Morocco Nutrition Society to be held on the 9-14 October 2016 in Marrakech, Morocco

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