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Name: Olayinka I. OMOTOSHO

Designation: Senior Lecturer

Faculty: Basic Medical Sciences

Department: Chemical Pathology

Phone Number: 08023342999

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Dr Ishiaq Olayinka OMOTOSHO was born over 3 decades ago in Ibadan, the capital and most populous city in Nigeria. He had his education in Ibadan from 1964 when he started his primary education till 2007 when he obtained a doctoral degree (PhD) in Biochemical Toxicology from the University of Ibadan. He is a trained Medical Laboratory Scientist licensed by the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN) of which he is a FELLOW and also as an ASSOCIATE of the Institute of Biomedical Science of the United Kingdom specializing in Chemical Pathology (Clinical Biochemistry).

He has a vast experience as a routine Medical Laboratory Scientist having worked on the bench carrying out various investigations spanning all aspects of clinical biochemistry for more than 2 decades in University College Hospital and later in the College of Medicine of the University of Ibadan. He later joined academics fully as Lecturer I in the Department of Chemical Pathology of the College from he rose to become a Senior Lecturer in 2015.

Dr Omotosho’s research interest covers organ toxicity of lead (Pb) where he worked on developing early markers of toxicity of this metal in various organs of humans. He has extended this to investigating the possible effect of Pb and other metals on the aetiopathogenesis of diseases like glaucoma, cataract, hypertension, chronic kidney diseases and infertility. He has developed a hypothesis on the possible application of “Area under the curve” as early diagnostic tool of kidney failure especially in vulnerable groups of people. He has also investigated possible bioindicators of neurotoxicity to aid the management of neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases. He has ventured into translational research by looking at the composition and scientific application of some popular herbal preparations where he has identified and established in-vivo cytotoxic effect of fraction of this preparation as cytotoxic drug in cervical cell line in experimental animal. Dr Omotosho is happily married with grandchildren.    


1.Title: Zinc Supplementation in the management of Secondary Infertility in women
Funder: Self-funding
Summary: Secondary infertility was established in Wister rats after which Zinc tablets were administered to the animals and its effect on the infertility was monitored. This was extrapolated to women clinically diagnosed as secondarily infertile and subsequently placed on zinc tablets. The effect of this on conception in the subjects was monitored. Findings show that adequate zinc level is a compulsory requirement for conception even in the presence of normal reproductive hormonal levels

2.Title:Biomarkers of Pulmonary dysfunction in subjects occupationally exposed to   toxic fumes/chemicals in the management of inhalation toxicity
Funder: Self-funding
Summary: Exposure to toxic fumes and chemicals is a common phenomenon in most industrial and laboratory settings. Effect of exposure to Formalin fumes on pulmonary functions in staff routinely working in histopathology laboratories and mortuaries was investigated. Findings clearly indicate abnormality in pulmonary indices and a number of pulmonary function markers have been identified.   

3.Title:Investigating the Cytotoxic effects of fractions of Yoyo Bitters- a polyherbal preparation- on Hela cell graft in-vivo
Funder: Self-funding
Summary: Our previous works have identified some fractions of Yoyo bitters with possible cytotoxic effects on cervical cell line in-vitro. Further experimentation using Hela-cell graft in Wister rats has been able to establish the cytotoxic effect of the identified fraction of this herbal preparation as potential cytotoxic drug in the management of cervical cancer.

4.Title: Investigating Biomarkers of Neurodevelopmental and Neurodegenerative Diseases
Funder: Self-funding
Summary: Neurodevelopmental disorders like autism and cerebral palsy are gradually becoming endemic; identifying biomarkers for the management of these diseases has been confounded by the equivocal findings in both genetic mappings and epigenetic studies. Our findings have demonstrated a number of biomarkers (including exposure to environmental toxicants in-utero by babies) as possible indicators of these disorders towards a better understanding and management of these disorders.
Role: I have been the Principal Investigator in all the studies.
Collaborators: Departments of Obstetrics and gynaecology, Pathology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Paediatrics and Psychiatry have been active collaborators variously in the research works


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Masters Level :
1.Adewole Mudathir Adebusuyi
2.Odutola Adewunmi Damilola
3.Ubakanwa Chigozie Daniel

Doctoral Level :
1. Akinade Adekunbi Olufunke
2. Obisesan Omobolanle Biliqees
3. Olusanya Temitope Oyewole

Fellowship Level

1. Erythrocyte Siodium/Potassium Adenosine Triphosphatase Activity in Glaucoma Patients Attending Eye Clinic of University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria. Examined by the Medical Lab Science Council of Nigeria in 2018.
Student: Nwachukwu Chidinma N   

2.C-Reactive Protein and Inflammatory  Cytokines in Adult Asthmatic Patients Attending University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria Examined by Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria in  2021
Student:Onyemaechi Rita C 


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