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 Dr Innocent Ohiorenuan Imosemi

Name: Moses O. ADETONA

Designation: Senior Lecturer

Faculty: Basic Medical Sciences 

Department: Anatomy

Phone number: 08033591196

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Dr. M.O. Adetona is a university teacher and researcher of more than fifteen years’ experience. He teaches in the Department of Anatomy, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan since 2007 and also a visiting senior lecturer in Department of Biomedical Engineering, First Technical University, Ibadan.
He studied Medicine and Surgery at University of Jos, Jos, Nigeria, graduated with M.B;ChB in 1991 from University of Jos. He did housemanship at University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital in 1991/1992 and compulsory National Youth Service at Bishop Shanahan Catholic Hospital, Nsukka in 1992. He worked as Medical officer and Emergency Physician at Department of Accident and Emergency, University College Hospital Ibadan. He was appointed as lecturer in College of Medicine, University of Ibadan in 2007. He obtained MSc. and PhD in Anatomy with specialty in Anthropology and Genetics from Department of Anatomy, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan.
He teaches Gross Anatomy, Microanatomy and Genetics to Medical, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Physiology, Biomedical Laboratory Science, Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Environmental Health Science and Pharmacy students in University of Ibadan and as adjunct lecturer, Genetics, Environmental Pollution, Biohazards and Laboratory Safety to Biomedical Engineering students at First Technical University, Ibadan.
He also teaches and supervises postgraduate students at Master and PhD levels in Gross Anatomy, Anthropology and Genetics at University of Ibadan.
He was Departmental Nursing and Human Nutrition and Dietetics programme coordinator 2007-2008, MBBS programme Coordinator 2010 – 2019.
His research interest is in Dermatoglyphics and its application to Human population and Forensic studies, Biological Anthropology, Genetics and Genotoxicity.


Current Research and Capacity Building Projects including Grants

1. Title: Base of Skull Morphometry
Funder: Self
Summary: An essential component of the skull base anatomy is the external aperture of the carotid canal, which is located inferioriorly on the petrous portion of the temporal bone. During surgical procedures and planning, multidisciplinary surgical teams must consider its location, morphology, and relationship to significant adjacent structures. The characteristics of the external aperture of the carotid canal have been reported to vary and be abnormally different across populations in previous studies. However, none of these incidents have been reported among Nigerians.
Aim and Objective: The aim of this study is to characterize the shapes and appearances of the external opening of the carotid canal in a Nigerian population, as well as its relationships to other significant anatomically related structures like the mastoid process, foramen magnum, and midline of the carotid canal.
Methods: From the collection of the Anatomy department of the University of Ibadan, we obtained 50 dry human skull bones of unknown gender and age. We took pictures of the skull base with a Canon Iso 500 digital camera. With the aid of Image J software, we accessed some anatomical positions and calculated Euclidean distances. The shape of the opening was also noted. Paleontological Statistics (PAST 3.0) was used to perform descriptive statistics (mean and standard deviation, median, range, and mode) on all sets of measurements, and the students’ t-test was used to compare the right and left values.
Role: Principal investigator
Collaborators: Colleagues in Anthropology and Neurosurgery.


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