Dr. Mofeyisara O. OMOBOWALE


 Mofeyisara Omobowale

Name: Mofeyisara O. Omobowale 

Designation: Senior Research Fellow
Department: Institute of Child Health
Phone Number: 08060126893

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Dr. Mofeyisara Omobowale obtained BA, MA and PhD in Cultural/Medical

Anthropology from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. She is a Senior Research Fellow at the Social and

Behavioural Child Health Unit of Institute of Child Health, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan. She is a Laureate, CODESRIA Methodological Workshop Ibadan/ Nigeria 2008, University of Ibadan Postgraduate Scholar 2011, the American Council of Learned Societies-African Humanities Programme Doctoral Fellow 2012,  Short Term Scholar, Brown International Advanced Research Institute (BIARI), Brown University, Providence, USA, 2013, Visiting research associate for Cadbury Fellowship, Department of Anthropology and African Studies,

Birmingham University, 2014, Post-Doctoral Fellow, American Council of Learned Societies- African Humanities Program, 2016, and Fellow, Carnegie Cooperation of New York, 2016.  Dr Mofeyisara Omobowale an Investigator on Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenge funded project (2019-2021)- Immunization Strategies for Working Mothers (SHEVACCS). 

Dr Omobowale researches child and adolescent health, sexuality, gender and well-being issues across cultures and class boundaries, through anthropological and ethnographic prisms. Dr Omobowale blends anthropological knowledge, theories and qualitative methods in teaching and researching public health issues to impact society's well-being positively.  One of her goals is to embed cultural understanding/studies in public health education/research, and maintain a sustainable collaboration between health research and medical anthropology.



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Books (Starting with Most Recent)

1. Omobowale, M.O. and Omobowale, A.O., 2022. All-purpose Medicine: An Autoethnographic Reflection on Urban Market Solidarity and Dangerous Self-Integrative Medication in Child and Adolescent Care in Nigeria. In Youth Exclusion and Empowerment in the Contemporary Global Order: Existentialities in Migrations, Identity and the Digital Space (pp. 85-95). Emerald Publishing Limited. https://www.emerald.com/insight/content/doi/10.1108/978-1-80382-777320221007/full/html

2. Oladejo M.T and Omobowale M.O. The Institute of Child Health, College of Medicine University of Ibadan: Sixty Years of Child Health Translational Development, Since 1959. ICH Book Series. Ibadan. Institute of Child Health, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Journal Articles (Starting with Most Recent)

1. Osiberu, A.A., Oluwasanu, M.M., Omobowale, M., John-Akinola, Y. and Oladepo, O., 2021. A cross-sectional study of the knowledge and screening practices of diabetes among adults in a south western Nigerian city. Journal of preventive medicine and hygiene, 62(2), p.E529.

2. Omobowale, M.O., Bamgboye, E.A., Akinyode, A., Falase, O.S., Ladipo, T.O., Salami, O. and Adebiyi, A.O., (2021). Contextual interpretation of COVID-19 pandemic among public space users in Ibadan Metropolis, Oyo State, Nigeria: An ethnographic review. Plos one, 16(11), p.e0259631.

3. Omobowale, M.O., 2020. “You Will Not Mourn Your Children”: Spirituality and Child Health in Ibadan Urban Markets. Journal of Religion and Health.60(1), 406-419

4. Omobowale, M.O. (2019) Class, Gender, Sexuality and Leadership in Bodija Market, Ibadan, Nigeria. Journal of Anthropological Research.

5. Omobowale, M.O. (2018). Speak to the past and it shall teach thee: an appraisal of Child Health Policy in Nigeria. The Nigerian Journal of Child and Adolescent Health-et multi faciem (NJCAH), Vol. 1(1): 22-34.

6. Oyom, Comfort R, Omobowale, M.O, Orimadegun A.E, Olumide A.O and Amodu O.K (2016) Central Fatness among Secondary School Adolescents in Ibadan, Nigeria. The Nigerian Journal of Sociology and Anthropology, Vol.14(2):1-16.

 7. Ajala, A.S. and Omobowale, M.O. (2013) Paraga: Socioeconomic Context of the Production and Utilization of alcoholic Herbal Remedy in Ibadan, Nigeria Anthropos, 108 (1): 149-162



Masters Level:

1. Project Title:  Knowledge and Practice of preconception care among Young People and Stakeholders in AkinyeleLocal Government Area, Ibadan Nigeria,
Student's Name:  Nana Awawu Adegite.
Examination Body:  Institute of Child Health University of Ibadan
Year: 2021

2. Project Title: Contextual Understanding of Adolescent pregnancy among out of school adolescents and Stakeholders in Selected Communities of Abeokuta, Nigeria.
Student's Name: Temitayo Opeyemi Oluwunmi.
Examination Body: Institute of Child Health University of Ibadan
Year: 2021

3. Project Title: Determinants of Incomplete Childhood vaccination among Children of Young parents in Oluyole Local Government Area, Nigeria.
Student's Name: Zainab Olasumbo Oladapo
Examination Body: Institute of Child Health University of Ibadan
Year: 2021

4. Project Title: Determinants of Herbal Medicine Utilization among Nursing Mothers In Ijebu-Ode Local Government, Nigeria.
Examination Body: Institute of Child Health University of Ibadan
Year: 2021

Masters Level
1. Project Title: Neighbourhood Bullying and Subjective Health Complaints of Adolescents in Agbowo Community Ibadan, Nigeria
Student's Name: Offiong Esop Akpabio
Examination Body: Institute of Child Health University of Ibadan
Year: 2017

2. Project Title: The Context Of Menstruation And Menstrual Hygiene Management Of In-School Adolescents In Ibadan, Nigeria
Student's Name: Oluwatobiloba Ayomide Fadipe
Examination Body: Institute of Child Health, University of Ibadan
Year: 2018


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