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Name: Eniola O. CADMUS

Designation: Senior Lecturer
Faculty: Clinical Sciences
Department: Community Medicine

Phone Number: +2348023060510

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Brief Biography:

Dr Eniola Olubukola Cadmus I received a medical degree (MB; BS) and a Masters degree in Public Health (MPH) in community health from the University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. She also has an MPH (Health Promotion) with an emphasis in tobacco control) from the University of Pretoria. Dr Cadmus is a Fellow and an examiner of the West African College of Physicians (FWACP-Community Health).

Presently, she is a lecturer in the Rehabilitative and Social Medicine Unit of the Department of Community Medicine, University of Ibadan. She is also an honorary consultant at the first specialised centre for older persons in Nigeria, the Chief Tony Anenih Geriatric Centre (CTAGC). Dr Cadmus’research and publications span issues related to healthy ageing and its determinants, long-term care provisions for older persons and elder abuse. She is the team leader of the Community Geriatrics Unit at the CTAGC. The unit aims to promote the health and well-being of older persons both within the health facility and, more importantly, in the community.

Previous relevant experience working with the World Health Organisation (WHO) include membership in the WHO Expert Meeting on Violence Against Older Women and being a part-time tutor for the online learning programme on healthy ageing for impact in the 21st century. She is presently a member of the guideline development group on WHO guidelines on primary chronic low back pain in adulthood. She is also an educator on the REmote Consulting in Primary Health Care (REaCH) project. The project aims to determine the trustworthiness and safety of remote consulting in primary healthcare for African chronic disease populations.

Dr Cadmus possesses an excellent record of accomplishment in designing, developing, and implementing qualitative and quantitative clinical research programmes across the health care continuum. Her vision is to create sustainable and innovative health programmes that positively impact an ageing population and society.


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Fellowship Level

1. Project Title: A rural-urban comparison of nutritional status, dietary diversity and health-related quality of life among older persons in Oyo State
Student’s Name: Dr Aderonke Alabi
Examining Body: West African College of Physicians


 Masters Level

1. Project Title: Perception and Acceptability of Human Papilloma Virus Vaccination for Daughters of Health Care Workers in a tertiary Hospital
Student’s Name: Mary Morenike Oguntokun
Examining Body: MPH (Reproductive and Family Health), University of Ibadan

2. Project Title: Role of Parent -Child Communication on selec ted unhealthy lifestyle and reisky sexual behaviours among in-school adolescents in Ibadan North Local Government , Oyo State.
Student’s Name: Akinsola Johnson Asaolu
Examining Body: MPH (Reproductive and Family Health), University of Ibadan

3. Project Title: Factors associated with Menstrual Hygiene practices among female adolescents attending selected secondary schools in Ibadan North Local Government
Student’s Name: Mercy Mobolaji Adejumo
Examining Body: MPH (Reproductive and Family Health), University of Ibadan

4. Project Title: Perception, prevalence and predictors of Shisha use among medical and dental students in Ibadan, Nigeria
Student’s Name: Omotayo Francis Fagbule
Examining Body: MSc. (Global Health), University of Ibadan

5. Project Title: Predictors of breast self-examination amongst female post-graduate students in the University of Ibadan using the health belief model
Student’s Name: Nchelem Kokomma Ichegbo
Examining Body: MSc. (Global Health), University of Ibadan

6. Project Title: Knowledge of suicide and help-seeking practices among undergraduate students in the University of Ibadan
Student’s Name: Olubolade, Pearl Aramide
Examining Body: MSc. (Global Health), University of Ibadan


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