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Name: Emmanuel O. IDOWU

Designation:  Lecturer II

 Faculty:  Basic Medical Sciences

Department: Anatomy

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Dr. Idowu E. O [MBBS (Lautech), MPH (Ib.), FACEP (USA)]

Idowu Emmanuel Oluyinka is an Emergency Physician and Specialist in Neurological Emergencies. He is a member of International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM), African Federation for Emergency Medicine (AFEM) and American Friends of AFEM (FoAFEM). Recently, he serves as the DELTA (Doctors in Emergency and Leadership Training in Africa) country representative and a member of the technical team as publication working group lead for Nigeria. His area of research interests include neurotrauma and neuroregeneration, neurotoxicology, neurosurgery and neurology. He is happily married to Mrs. Idowu Florence with 2 kids namely; Idowu Blessing Adeboye and Idowu Beauty Folu, He is currently residing with his family in Ibadan, Nigeria where he lectures and practices medicine.


CAPSTONE PROJECT: Out-of-pocket spending and health outcomes among road traffic head injury patients managed in the emergency department of a tertiary health facility in Ibadan, Nigeria. (Degree of Master Dissertation, November 23, 2022)


1. Idowu E.O., Adeniji FIP, Jonathan A. Edlow, David T. Chiu; Acta Scientific (Neurology) 2022 ‘Stroke Epidemics’, The Neurological Emergency of Concern in South-West, Nigeria, W/Africa: The Burden, Pre-Hospital Care Quality, Patterns of Presentations And Treatment Outcomes of Stroke Patients Managed in a Nigerian Tertiary Health Facility, West-Africa Acta Scientific (Neurology) https://www.researchgate.net/publication/365922974_Stroke_Epidemics'_The_Neurologcal_Emergency_of_Concern_in_South-West_Nigeria_WAfrica_The_Burden_PreHospital_Care_Quality_Patterns_of_Presentations_and_Treatment_Outcomes_of_Stroke_ Patients_Managed_i

2. Idowu E.O., International Journal of Innovative Science Research Technology 2021 Neuro-Trauma: A Cost Analysis of Neurotropic Substance Use (Codeine + Tramadol) Among Commercial Bus Drivers Who Were Managed As Road Traffic Head Injury Victims in a Tertiary Centre In South West Nigeria.  International Journal of Innovative Science Research Technology  https://www.ijisrt.com/neurotrauma-a-cost-analysis-of-neurotropic-substance-use-codeine-tramadol-among-commercial-bus-drivers-who-were-managed-as-road-traffic-head-injury-victims-in-a-tertiary-center-in-southwest-nigeria


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Current Research and Capacity Building Projects including Grants

TITLE OF THE STUDY: The effect of Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, GBE: 761 on bilateral middle cerebral artery occlusion stroke model of the adult male wistar rat.
FUNDER: College of Medicine Departmental Annual Research Grant
RESEARCH DESIGN: Experimental animal study
METHODOLOGY: After obtaining ethical approval from the designated authority(ACUREC/UI), 40 male adult Wistar rats will be obtained and divided into 5 groups including control and experimental groups with 8 rats per group and animals will undergo euthanasia with ketamine, then induction of bilateral middle cerebral artery occlusion using koizumi’s method will be done,with administration of the ginkgo biloba leaf extract : GBE 761 (2mg/kg, oral) and rats tested for neurological deficits, with histomorphological analysis done after sacrifice with the brain of rats harvested and analysis done using graph pad prism to analyse data with post-hoc tukey test done and results presented for discussion and possible recommendation.
PRINCIPAL EXPOSURE: Ginkgo biloba leaf extract, the stroke induced in the adult male wistar rats.
OUTCOME VARIABLES: Neuroprotective effects of the principal exposure on the animals in terms of neurological deficits, gross brain morphological, motor, sensory, and behavioural parameters to be assessed.
Role: Principal Investigator
Collaborators: Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medicine University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

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