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Name: Bernard O. ADELE

Designation: Assistant Lecturer

Faculty: Basic Medical Sciences

Department: Physiology

Phone Number: +23480622895538

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I hold Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in Human Physiology from University of Ibadan. My primary research interests are in the impact of environmental factors especially dietary modifications in terms of nutrient proportion (macro-, micro- and metallo-nutrients) and compounds that are formed during food processing on cell structure-function relationship with specific interest on red blood cell membrane structure-function relationship and its interactions with immune cells in health and pathology. With the current rising tide in diet-related pathologies and/or possible therapeutic potentials, I have completed a research on the impact of diets on acrylamide toxicity with striking findings and currently working on the metallo-nutrient toxicity and red blood cell functions.


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1.Adewoye, E.O. and Adele, B.O. (2015). Effect of methanol extract of Musa sapientum leaves on protein glycation and erythrocyte antioxidant status in alloxan-induced diabetic rats. J. Med. Med. Sci. 44:261-268 CLICK HERE

2. Adewoye, E.O., Okunola, M.A., Adele, B.O. and Oyebode O.T. (2016). Effects of monopotassium glutamate on mitochondrial membrane permeability transition and lipid peroxidation-an in vitro Arch Bas Med Sci.4:33-36

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4.Emediong I. E., Adele B. O., Odetola A. O., Ige A. O. and Adewoye E. O. (2019). Lycopene Reverses Haematological, Oxidative, Hepatic and Renal Damage in Arsenic - Toxic Male Wistar Rats. EC Pharmacology and Toxicology 7 (5): 393-403.

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7.O. Ige, Fatokun B. P., Emediong I. E., Odetola A. O., B. O. Adele and Adewoye E. O. (2020). Selenium supplementation increases heptic glucose-6-phosphatase and peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma coactivator-1α activity in male Wistar rats. Niger J. Physiol Sci. 35(1):61-67 CLICK HERE

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9.Ige A. O., Ayoola O. I., Oladejo E. O., Adele B. O., Ola O. O. and Adewoye E. O. (2022). Gastrointestinal motility and Intestinal structure following oral exposure to acrylamide in Wistar rats. Res. J Health Sci. 10(1): 27-34

10.Adele B. O., Alonge A. J. and Adewoye E. O. (2022). Codeine induced haematological, hepatic alterations, lung and brain damage in mice. Advances in Toxicology and Toxic Effects. 6(1): 001-007. DOI: CLICK HERE


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