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Name: Dr. Anyebe B. ONOJA


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 Designation: Lecturer I

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NAME                                                                          POSITION TITLE

ONOJA ANYEBE BERNARD                                           Lecturer II






University of Ibadan, Oyo State



 Veterinary Medicine

University of Ibadan, Oyo State




University of Ibadan, Oyo State






National Institutes of Health (NIH) linked Medical Education Partnership Initiative Nigeria (MEPIN) Year 03 seed award Number 1R24W008878 from the Fogarty International Centre. 2013


2012               - Lecturer II, Department of Virology, University of Ibadan

2012 till Date   - Tutor, General Studies (GES 107) course on Reproductive health and sexually transmitted Infections including HIV, University of Ibadan


Global Health Travel Award 2015 sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to Boston, USA

Murli T. Chellaram Foundation Scholarship 2012 & 2013

Global Health Travel Award 2011 sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to Colorado, USA

Global Health Travel Award 2010 sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to BC, Canada

Nigeria-Sao tome and Principe Joint Development Zone (JDZ) postgraduate scholarship  2009


African Pediatrics Infectious Disease Society (AfPIDS)                        2012

Society of Applied Microbiology (Sfam)                                               2012

American Society for Microbiology (ASM)                                           2008

Graduate member Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM)                    2007

Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA)                                2005


Formulation of Bayelsa State’s Agricultural Policy alongside three directors namely: Director of Bayelsa State Agric Development Program (Mr Francis Alaga), HOD Crop Protection Department and Managing Director Bayelsa Integrated Farm Imiringi (Mr. Ebasi).                       2007

Thesis and dissertation

Detection of the microflora in the ear canal of the domestic rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus), an undergraduate project submitted in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Ibadan.

A retrospective study of clinically diagnosed measles infection and detection of hemagglutinition inhibiting antibody to measles virus among children in Ibadan and Ilorin, Nigeria, an MSc dissertation submitted to the department of Virology, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan.


Reviewer, Bulletin of the World Health Organization (PubMED)

Reviewer, African Health Sciences (PubMED)

Reviewer, British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research

Reviewer, African Journal of Infectious disease [PubMED]

Reviewer, Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences

Reviewer, British Microbiology Research Journal

Supervision of the team of laboratory experts who analyzed the samples for the determination of HIV prevalence in Nigeria in the 2012 sentinel surveillance.

Supervision of 2011/12 M.Sc. virology student’s presentations on viral pathogenesis

Member, annual report committee of the Department of Virology, University of Ibadan

Member, Ad-hoc committee on modalities for releasing e-copies of the General Studies Programme (GSP) course materials to University of Ibadan distance learning Centre and modality for converting GSP course materials to electronic mode                                                                                 -2012

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC); Clinician, State Vet. Clinic Yenagoa.                                                                            -2007




  Onoja A.B., Adeniji JA., Raji A. et Ayeni M. 2009. Complications de Rougeole dans un Hôpital d'Enfants à l'Etat d'Oyo, Nigéria.



  1.       Investigation of emerging arboviruses in Nigeria
  2.      Isolation and molecular characterization of some arboviruses from mosquitoes, ticks, culicoides and humans in Nigeria.
  3.      Isolation of viruses from patients with pyrexia of unknown origin (PUO).
  4.      Comparative study of the neutralizing antibody levels in children in Osun and Oyo States, Nigeria after a 12year interval.




    (i) Serology   


·Quantitative and qualitative evaluation of antibodies to viruses using Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay.


·  Determination of neutralizing antibodies against viruses using tissue culture including plaque  neutralization assays.


·    Haemagglutination assays for diagnosis of viral infections like Influenza, PPR, Measles, Alphaviruses


·    Western blot for confirmation of HIV samples


(ii) Virus culture


·  Isolation of viruses using tissue culture, embryonated eggs and experimental animals. 


(iii) Molecular Virology


·  Extraction of viral DNA and RNA using conventional as well as commercially produced kits and subsequent molecular detection of viruses using Polymerase Chain Reaction.   


(iv) Cytometry:


·Immunophenotyping using Cyflow space and SL3 to profile cytokines for retroviral therapy or diagnosis and staging of viral diseases such as Hepatitis, Papillomatosis.


(v)  Bioinformatics


·Excellent use of MEGA5.10 software for phylogenetic analysis, maximum parsimony, evolutionary diversity in virus populations, molecular clocking etc


·Use of Articulate studio software to record narration of lectures







  • The ear canal microflora in domestic rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) with particular reference to staphylococci. A Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree (Dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UI in 2005.
  • A retrospective study of clinically diagnosed measles infection and detection of Haemagglutination Inhibiting antibody to measles virus among children in Ibadan and Ilorin, Nigeria. An MSc Virology dissertation submitted in the Department of Virology, UI in 2009.


 II. Journal articles




1. Ajuwape ATP, Onoja AB, Adetosoye AI. The ear canal microflora in domestic rabbit (Oryctolagus cunuculus) with particular reference to Staphylococci. Philippines J. of Vet. Med. 2006;43:13-7


2. Okonko, I.O. and Onoja, B.A. Emerging Infections, Bioterrorism and Viroterrorism Emergencies: Are we prepared? The Nigerian Army Quarterly Journal 2008;4:794-820


3. Jagun A. and Onoja A.B. The current status of Pestes Des Petit Ruminants (PPR) in sheep in Ibadan, Southwestern Nigeria. Journal of Commonwealth Veterinary Association 2011;27(2):130-5.


4. Hamid K.M., Takalmawa H.U. and Onoja B.A. Incidence of Cytomegalovirus IgG among HIV positive patients attending Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital Kano-Nigeria. E-International Scientific Research Journal 2012;4:98-104


5. Onoja A.B., Adeniji A.J. and Faneye A. Measles complications in a Nigerian hospital setting. Clinical Reviews and Opinion 2013;5:18-23


6. Onoja A.B. and Adeniji A.J. Kinetics of measles antibody by Haemagglutination Inhibition Assay in children in south-west and north-central Nigerian State. Int Journal of Infect Dis 2013;17(7):552-5 [PubMED]


7. Hamid K.M.,Onoja A.B.,Tofa U.A. and Garba K.N.Seroprevalence of cytomegalovirus among pregnant women attending Murtala Mohammed Specialist Hospital Kano, Nigeria. African Health Sciences 2014;14(3). [PubMED]


8. Adeniji JA, Onoja A.B. and Adewumi MO. Poliovirus neutralizing antibody dynamics among children in a north-central and south-western Nigeria State. Journal of Immunoassay and Immunochem. 2015;36(1):45-53 [PubMED].


9. Motayo BO, Onoja MA, Ezeani 1, Faneye AO, Usen AU and Onoja AB. Seroprevalence rates of hepatitis C virus (HCV) antibody and hepatitis B virus surface antigen (HBsAg) in blood donors in a southwestern Nigeria city. Journal of Immunoassay and Immunochem. 2015:36(1):91–99 [PubMED]


10. Faneye A., Motayo B., Adesanmi A. and Onoja B. Evaluation of IgG antibodies against respiratory syncytia virus (RSV) and associated risk factors for severe respiratory tract infections in pre-school children in north-central Nigeria. Afr. J. Infect. Dis. 2014;8(2): 36– 9. doi.org/10.4314/ajid.v8i2.436 [PubMED]


11. Adeniji JA, Osundare FA, Adewumi MO, Onoja AB, Fagbami AH. Immunity to poliovirus serotypes in children population of selected communities in south-west, Nigeria. Afr. J. Infect. Dis. 2015;9(1): 1-5 [PubMED]


12.Abraham OJ, Adewumi MO, Onoja AB, Suleiman I, Sulaiman LK, Ahmed SJ, Jagboro ST. Seroprevalence of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus in Local Chickens in Udu Local Government Area of Delta State, South East Nigeria. J Immunoassay and Immunochem. 2015; 36:398–404. PMID:25331185 [PubMED]


13. Onoja A.B., Hamid K.M., Adeniji J.A., and Mukhtar M.D. Implication of vaccination on measles reduction and elimination in a developing African country. Afr J of Med and Med Sc. 2014 (In press).




14. Motayo, O.B., Okonko, I.O., Uche, L.N., Onoja, B.A. and Obiogbolu, C.H. The sero-prevalence of Human Immunodefficiency Virus (HIV) among patients attending the special Treatment Clinic at University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria. Nig. J. of Microbiol.2008;23:1904-10




1. 2nd Annual conference and one health exposition organized by the Centre for Control and Prevention  of Zoonoses in Trenchard Hall, University of Ibadan on June 30 - July 03, 2013.


2. Workshop on introductory molecular biology and bioinformatics organized by the World Bank Science and Technology Education Post (STEP-B) Project in conjunction with the Centre for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (CENBIOGEN), Institute for Advanced Medical Research and Training (IAMRAT), College of Medicine, University of Ibadan on the 17-20th June, 2013.


3. Workshop on principles and applications of immunophenotyping organized on the 20-24th May, 2013 by the Centre for Infectious and Zoonotic Diseases, University of Ibadan under the World Bank supported STEP-B Project.


4. First International African Vaccinology Conference, Cape Town, South Africa on the 8th-11th November, 2012.


5. Mentor training workshop organized by Medical Education Partnership Initiative in Nigeria (MEPIN) in collaboration with Northwestern University Chicago USA on 27-29th August, 2012 at Hotel Resort Ijebu Ode, Ogun State.


6. HIV vaccine (X8) conference in Keystone resort, Colorado USA held on the 20th-26th March, 2012.


7. Federal Government organized Youth enterprise with innovation in Nigeria (YouWIN!) training on the 12th-15th December, 2011 at Ambience Hotel and conference centre, Metroplaza, Abuja.


8. The 5th Pan Commonwealth Veterinary Conference held in Accra – Ghana on the 21st-25th March 2011.


9. Seminar on HIV diversity in West Africa: Consequences for prevention and treatment by Prof. Phyllis Kanki from Havard School of Public Health, Boston held on the 10th December, 2010 at the Department of Virology, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan.


10. Workshop on founding the Nigeria Young Academy (NYA) organized by the Nigeria Academy of Science (NAS) in collaboration with Redeemer’s University held on 29th-31st August, 2010.


11. 2nd Unibadan Biomedical Conference organized by the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences between  7-9th of July, 2010.


12. 1st Unibadan Conference of Biomedical Research with theme: Biotechnology for Health and Development. Held in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria between the 26th-29th of August, 2008.


13. Workshop on combating the scourge of Avian Influenza in Bayelsa State, held on the 21st June 2006 in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.




Oral presentation OPA 07: Ojalatan JD, Onoja AB, Opayele AV, Odaibo GN and Olaleye DO.,Hepatitis B Virus and HIV infection among pregnant women in a semi-urban area of Oyo State page 16 Book of Abstract. Fourth Unibadan conference of biomedical research heldon the 1-4th July, 2014 at the University of Ibadan.


Oral presentation: Onoja AB., Meseko CA and Tekki SI. Rabies unending malady: Nigeria in perspective. Book of abstracts p40. 2nd Annual conference and one health exposition organized by the Centre for Control and Prevention  of Zoonoses in Trenchard Hall, University of Ibadan on    June 30 - July 03, 2013.


Oral presentation OP:25 (ID:45): Onoja AB., Adewumi MO and Adeniji JA. The dynamics of poliovirus neutralizing antibodies in two Nigerian States, Book of abstracts, p15 at the First International African Vaccinology   Conference, Cape Town, South Africa on the 8th-11th    November, 2012.


Poster presentation: Jagun A.T., Emikpe B.O., Anosa V.O. and Onoja A.B. The current status of Peste Des Petit Ruminante (PPR) in sheep in Ibadan, Southwestern, Nigeria at the 5th Pan Commonwealth Veterinary Conference held in Accra – Ghana on the 21st-25th March 2011.


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