Dr. Adewale V. OPAYELE

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Name: Dr. Adewale V. OPAYELE


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 Designation: Lecturer II

 Brief Biography:


Dr. Adewale V. OPAYELE
B.Sc., M.Sc. (Ib)

My research focuses on Arboviruses. I design and drive research activities aimed at proffering
solutions to viral diseases transmitted by arthropod vectors, particularly mosquitoes. I am open to
collaboration with scientists from other fields to provide solution to health challenges facing




In Progress:


-   Isolation and characterization of viruses from mosquitoes and patients with pyrexia of unknown origin in Oyo state, Nigeria.


-   Isolation and phylogeny of rift valley fever virus from mosquitoes, ruminants and livestock workers in Oyo and Osun states, Nigeria.



1. Ojalatan J.D., Onoja A.B., Opayele A.V., Odaibo G.N. and Olaleye D.O. (2014)HIV and HBV co infection among pregnant women in a semi-urban community in Oyo state, Nigeria. (In press).

2. Popoola, K.O.K. and Opayele, A.V. (2012). Morphometrics of Macrotermes bellicosus (African mound termite) (Blattodea: Termitidae) and the impact of its saliva amylase on the strength of termitarium soil.New York Science Journal,Vol. 5. No. 12:207-216.


3. Popoola, K.O.K., Opayele, A.V. andNkpondion, N.N. (2015). Anti-nutritional status of uninfested and Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) infested dried cassava chips. Current Research Journal of Biological Sciences,Vol. 7. No. 2:18-21.


4. Onoja, A.B., Adeniji, J.A. and Opayele, A.V. (2016). Yellow fever vaccination in Nigeria: Focus on Oyo State. Highland Medical Research Journal, Vol. 16. No. 1:37-41.


5. Opayele, A.V., Adeniji, J.A., Ibrahim, K.T. and Olaleye, O.D. (2017). Influence of meteorological variables on diversity and abundance of Mosquito vectors in two Livestock farms in Ibadan, Nigeria: Public health implications. Journal of Mosquito ResearchVol.7. No. 9:70-78.

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