Dr. Adeola Jaiyeola, an alumnus of the MBSS Class of 1982, Donates $6,000 to Attain Gold Donor Status for the Students' Hostel Building Project at the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan

Dr. Jaiyeola donated in honour of her parents who encouraged her to study medicine and supported her in her medical journey

We are delighted to announce a significant contribution to the Students' Hostel Building Project by one of our great alumni, Dr. Adeola Jaiyeola (née Ayoade), of the MBBS Class of 1982. Dr. Jaiyeola is a renowned physician and dedicated member of the Ibadan College of Medicine Alumni Association of North America (ICOMAA-NA). She has made a generous donation of $6,000, achieving the GOLD donor status.

Dr. Jaiyeola's commitment to her alma mater is well-known in the alumni community. She served as the Financial Secretary/Treasurer for ICOMAA-NA from its inception until 2019. Dr. Jaiyeola's academic and professional journey is marked by excellence and service. As a graduate of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, she completed her MBBS in 1982 and has since made significant contributions to the field of medicine and public health. Her career includes prestigious roles and achievements in both Canada and the United States, where she has continuously demonstrated her commitment to improving healthcare and serving her community.

Her recent donation shows her enduring connection to the College of Medicine and her desire to give back to the institution that laid the foundation for her career. The $6,000 contribution towards the Students' Hostel Building Project will play a crucial role in providing much-needed accommodation for our students. This is consistent with the ongoing efforts to improve the educational experience and overall well-being of our students. We are confident that Dr. Jaiyeola's effort will prove an inspiration for others to follow suit.

The College extends its heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Jaiyeola for her invaluable support and looks forward to celebrating the successful completion of the Students' Hostel Building Project in the coming months.



About Dr. Adeola Jaiyeola (nee Ayoade) MD, MBA, FRCPC, Dip. Biblical Studies

Prayer Minister, EMIC, TX
CEO, Abundant Enterprise
Past Treasurer of ICOMAA-NA

In her shared profile, Dr. Adeola Jaiyeola gives glory to God and thanks Him for enabling her to be a blessing to her alma mater and give back. She identifies first as a servant of the living God in Whom we live, move, and have our being. She currently serves as a volunteer prayer minister at Eagle Mountain International Church, Fort Worth, Texas, USA. Additionally, she is the CEO of Abundant Enterprise Healthcare. As one of the distinguished alumni of Ibadan College of Medicine, she was an inaugural officer of the ICOMAA-NA and held the position of treasurer for over 15 years. She was dubbed the “lifetime” treasurer because of her consistency and commitment to achieving the goals of the association.

Dr. Adeola Jaiyeola graduated in 1982, completed her rotating internship at UCH in 1983, and National Youth Service in 1984, after which she embarked on her training in Preventive and Social Medicine at UCH. She had a vision of teaching and empowering people to live a healthy lifestyle rather than providing sickness care. In 1986, Dr. Jaiyeola moved with her family to Canada, where she continued her Community Medicine training, earned a master’s degree in Epidemiology, and became a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in Canada. She then served as a Regional Community Medicine Specialist for Health Canada.

After answering the call of God into the ministry, Dr. Jaiyeola and her family moved to the United States, where she continued her public health career as a Research Epidemiologist and Director of the Epidemiology Department while doing ministry work. She eventually assumed the role of Medical Director for Parkland Hospital Center for Clinical Innovation, where she and her team were awarded several research grants to integrate technology into chronic disease management to improve patient outcomes. Dr. Jaiyeola retired from her position in 2019 and was led to start Abundant Enterprise Healthcare, a company that provides recovery management to people with serious mental illnesses.

The donation was given in honour of God, who richly gives all things to enjoy (1 Timothy 6:17b), and her parents Mr. J.F. and Mrs. B.F. Ayoade, who encouraged her interest in studying medicine and supported her medical education.


The biography of Dr. Jaiyeola’s parents, Prince J.F. Ayoade, is included in various publications in Nigeria, one of which is titled The Makers, Shapers, Movers & Shakers of Nigeria. Prince J.F. Ayoade, B.Sc., Economist, Chartered Accountant & Administrator, was born on 22nd September 1931. He started his education at Owu Baptist Day School, Abeokuta, then attended Baptist Boys High School, and later the School of Agriculture, before travelling abroad to study at Bradford Institute of Technology. He returned to Nigeria to serve as a Chartered Accountant with various government bodies and educational institutions, including serving as the Deputy Bursar at The University of Ibadan. His last office was the Director of Ogun State Industrial & Finance Corporation. Due to his passion for leaving a legacy in accountancy and finance for the coming generation, he also served as a volunteer lecturer at Ogun State Polytechnic (now Moshood Abiola Polytechnic), where he was fondly called ‘Baba Taxation’! He wrote a book on taxation titled Nigerian Companies Income Tax — A Problem Approach in the Course of Production (Ibadan, Vita Books, 1988). By his side was Dr. Jaiyeola’s mother, Mrs. Beatrice Funmike Ayoade, who was born on March 13, 1933, and was a professional Secretary/Personal Assistant to several Directors in various government parastatals at the Western region, University of Ibadan, and Ogun State.

They both loved serving in the House of God. Two churches started from their home, both in Ibadan and in Abeokuta, and they served as treasurer in some Baptist Churches and the Nigerian Baptist Convention before they both passed into glory. They raised their children to value dedication to God, education, service, good character, and professionalism with excellence.

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