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Name: Dr. Adanze O. ASINOBI


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Designation: Senior Lecturer

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Name:                                   Adanze Onyenonachi ASINOBI

                                                      Department of Paediatrics

                                           University College Hospital

                                           Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

      Tel:                                        +2348038955880; 

    Offices                                   2636,2492,2420                                 

       Fax:                                    234-02-241-3545 
                                               or 234-02-241-1768

        Attn:                                Dept. of Paediatrics

  E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sex:                                     Female

Nationality:                                 Nigerian 
Present Appointment
:              Senior Lecturer

                                               Department of Paediatrics, 
                                               College of Medicine

                                               University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

                                               1st October, 1996 to date.

                                              Consultant Paediatrician

                                             University College Hospital, 
                                             Ibadan, Nigeria


Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MB,BS)                     

University of Ibadan,Ibadan,Nigeria                           June 1981

    Fellowship of the National Postgraduate Medical

    College (Paediatrics) (F.M.C.[Paed])                          May 1991

Master of Science  (Chemical Pathology) (M.Sc.)

University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria                                           January 1993

Fellowship of the International Society of Nephrology                   December 2005

   Previous Appointments:

        1981 – 1982             House Officer, University College Hospital,
                               Ibadan, Nigeria

        1982 – 1983             National Youth Service Corps, School Health 
                               Services, Port Harcourt,

        1983 – 1985           General Duty Medical Officer, Riverside Clinic,
Port Harcourt,  Nigeria

        1985 – 1986           Senior House Officer, University College Hospital,
                             Ibadan, Nigeria

        1986 – 1987           Registrar, University College Hospital, 
                             Ibadan, Nigeria

        1987 – 1991           Senior Registrar, University College Hospital,
                             Ibadan, Nigeria

       1991 – 1996            Lecturer 1, College of Medicine,
                             University of Ibadan, Ibadan.

    Scholarships, Fellowships and Prizes:

1981            Gold Medal in Psychiatry (University of Ibadan)

1981            Ekpo-Eyo Prize in Medicine and Radiology, 1st Runner-up

    (University of Ibadan).

1999            Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony Fellowship in Urology, 
                   Nephrology and Forensic Medicine.

2002            Norman Neonatal and Pediatric Nephrology
                  Group Prize at the 11thInternational Workshop on

                  Neonatal Nephrology, Verona, Italy.

2003            MacArthur Fellowship for training in Pediatric Dialysis
                  and Transplantation.

2005            International Society of Nephrology Fellowship

Honours, Distinctions and Membership of Learned Societies:

Commendation by the Editor-in-Chief, Nigerian Journal of Paediatrics

Member, Nigerian Medical Association

Member, Paediatric Association of Nigeria

Member,  Nigerian Medical Women’s Association

 Member, Medical and Dental Consultants Association of Nigeria (Former Treasurer, UCH Chapter)

Member, Nigerian Association of Nephrology (former Treasurer)

Member, African Paediatric Nephrology Association

Member, International Society of Nephrology

Member, International Pediatric Nephrology Association

Member, American Society of Nephrology

Member, Board of the Faculty of Paediatrics, National Postgraduate Medical College, Nigeria.

Examiner, West African College of Physicians. National Postgraduate Medical College,  Nigeria.

External Examiner, Department of Paediatrics, University of Benin, Benin.

External Examiner, Department of Paediatrics, University of Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt.

External Examiner, Department of Paediatrics, University of Ilorin, Ilorin.

Liaison Officer, Sister Renal Center  Programme of the International Society of Nephrology between the University College Hospital, Ibadan and the Chronic Disease Control Centre, University of   Queensland, Australia.

Details of Teaching Experience at University Level 

As a Senior House Officer/Registrar in the Department of Paediatrics, University College Hospital,  Ibadan, Nigeria, my duties included teaching of the University Medical Students both on the wards and the outpatient department.

As a Senior Registrar in the Department of Paediatrics, University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria, my duties included ward teachings and organising seminars for the University Medical Students.  During this period, I was in various specialised clinics (Nephrology, Neurology and Neonatology).  I also taught medical students in the clinics.

My duties as a Senior Registrar at the University College Hospital, Ibadan also included teaching of postgraduate students.

I currently lecture the University Medical Students in Paediatric Nephrology.  I also teach postgraduate students.  Since being appointed a lecturer in 1991, I have been giving four two-hour formal lectures to medical students almost every two months.  I conduct two 3-4 hour teaching clinics per week, one nephrology clinic and one general clinic.  I give two bedside teaching sessions to medical students per week.

Until recently, I was conducting ward rounds from time to time in the 28-bed Children’s Emergency Ward where undergraduate and postgraduate students are taught. Additionally  I conduct one and one-half hour Grand Rounds (undergraduate and postgraduate students) and two hour Social Paediatrics Seminars for medical students approximately every two months.

I also teach Paediatric Nephrology at the Update courses of the West African Postgraduate Medical College.


 Not Available


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Articles sent for publication

  1. Ademola A.D, Asinobi A.O, Oladokun R.E, Ogunkunle O.O, Okolo C.A, Ogbole G.E  Kidney disease among admitted HIV positive children in Ibadan, South West Nigeria sent to the African Journal of Medical Science November 2011
  2. Ademola A.D, Asinobi O.A, Ogunkunle. OO, Yusuf B.N, Ojo O.E. Peritoneal dialysis for childhood acute kidney injury: Experience in South West Nigeria. Submitted to the Peritoneal Dialysis International

Some Major Conferences Attended with Abstracts presented:

  1. Nigerian Association of Nephrology Annual Scientific Conference, February 2002 in  Lagos.Paper presented: Non-surgical childhood renal disorders in Ibadan re-visited.
  2. The 11th International Workshop on Neonatal Nephrology and the 6th Seminar on Paediatric Nephrology held in Verona , Italy  2002..
  3. Paper Presented:  Asinobi AO, Gbadegesin RA, Shittu OB. A review of cases of Posterior Urethral valves seen at the University College Hospital Ibadan.
  4. Nigerian Association of Nephrology Conference held in Enugu in Feb.  2003 Paper  read:  Asinobi AO, Shittu OB. Antenatal Hydronephrosis-Ibadan  Experience.
  5. Nigerian Association of Nephrology Conference held in Enugu in Feb.  2003 Paper  read:  Asinobi AO, Shittu OB. Childhood Pelviureteric Junction Obstruction in Ibadan.
  6. Nigerian Association of Nephrology Conference held in Enugu in Feb.  2007
  7. Paper Presented:  Renal function tests among Paediatric mortalities at the University College Hospital, Ibadan. Asinobi AO, Ademola AD, Adedokun B, Ogunkunle OO.
  8. Asinobi AO, Bamgboye EA, Afolabi NB, Kadiri S, Sayonnwo Community Approach to prevention of hypertension and Chronic Kidney Disease – The Mokola Ibadan Initiative: Report of a Pilot Study. T-PO-1167 WCN 2007 Book of Abstracts pg 386.
  9. Asinobi AO, Ademola AD, Ogunkunle OO, Ogunbosi BO, Adedokun B. Clinical and Cost Evaluation of Acute Dialysis in Paediatric Patients seen in Ibadan.Poster presentations at WCN 2007 held in Brazil
  10. International Pediatric Nephrology Association Congress held in New York USA:
  11. Increased prevalence of Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis in Ibadan, Nigeria. AO     Asinobi, AD Ademola, BN Yusuf, CA Okolo. Abstract #13 The 15th Congress of IPNA    Book of Abstracts 2010.   
  12. The pattern of kidney disease among HIV positive children admitted in a tertiary hospital in South Western Nigeria. Ademola A.D, Asinobi A.O, Oladokun R.
  13. Accepted for presentation at the 15th Congress of the International Paediatric Nephrology Association 29th August- 2nd September 2010  New York , United States  of America
  14. Outcome of Paediatric dialysis at the University College Hospital Ibadan. Ademola A.D, Asinobi A.O, Ogunkunle O.O, OgunbosiB.O, Yusuf B.N. presented at the  Joint meeting of 10th congress of African society of nephrology(AFRAN) and 21st Congress of Nigerian Association of Nephrology(NAN) ‘Abuja 2009’ in collaboration with International Society of Nephrology (ISN) February 2009
  15. Repeat epidemic of diethylene glycol poisoning among Nigerian toddlers Ibadan experience. Asinobi A.O, Ademola A.D, Lagunju I, Akinbami F.O, Okereke J.O, Yusuf A.A, Ajayi S.O, Adepoju A.A, Falade A.G, Osinusi K. Presented at the 41th Annual General and 5th International Scientific Conference, Paediatric Association of Nigeria January, Premier Hotel, Ibadan, Nigeria
  16. O. Asinobi, A.D. Ademola, B.N. Yusuf and N.E. Jacob.)  Acute Kidney injury in infant and Toddlers in a Resource  poor settingPoster  presentations at WCN 2011 held in Vancouver,Canada.

.Some of the Guest Lectures and Conference Lectures given by me:

Paediatric Patterns of Glomerulonephritis in Nigeria Nigerian Association of Nephrology Conference 2002.

Nigerian Health System : Potential for prevention of Chronic Kidney Disease – Presented at the Chronic Disease  Control Centre, University of Queensland, Australia 2003. 

Histopathologic Patterns of Glomerular Diseases in Children. Nigerian Association of Nephrology Conference 2007

Acute Renal Failure (ARF) In children in Nigeria:Pathogenesis, Peculiarities and

Management  Problems  Nigerian Association of Nephrology Conference 2007

Feasibility of Renal Health Screening in School Children in Nigeria. Nigerian Association of Nephrology  Conference 2007

Preventive Nephrology, Wither Nigeria?  Presented at the Centre for Control of Chronic Diseases, University of Queensland, Australia.  March 2008

Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome and steroid therapy: Current Concepts. African  Nephrology Association Conference/ Nigerian Association  of    Nephrology  Conference February 2009.

Recognition of and Screening for Chronic Kidney Disease in Disadvantaged Populations – Presented at the Satelite Conference. World Congress of Nephrology, May 2009 in Italy.

 Screening tools for detecting potentially serious kidney diseases. Annual Conference of the Nigerian Physicians in the Americas held in Abuja Nigeria   July 2009.

Preventive Nephrology in Paediatrics. Nigerian Association of Nephrology Conference 2011 Benin City.

Nephroprevention in Childhood. Nigerian Association of Nephrology Conference 2012 Enugu.

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