Faculty members have delivered the University’s Inaugural Lecture on behalf of our faculty. They are:

1.    Professor S. Kadiri – November 2006

Title: An Eye each on Hypertension and the Kidney.

2.    Professor O.M. Oluwatosin – 29/11/2007

Title: The Road to Success is always under Construction.

3.    Professor Ayotunde Ogunseyinde – January 2009

Title: From Darkness to Light: Evolution and unmasking of shadows and images.

4.    Professor  Kikelomo Osinusi – February 2010

Title: Choose your mother right and live.

5.    Professor Arinola. O. Sanya – February 2010

Title: Physiotherapy and wellness – The rungs of the ladder.

6.    Professor B.L. Salako – March 2011

Tittle: The romance of a silent killer: Equal love and hatred for all. 

7.    Professor  A.O. Malomo, Dept. of Surgery – 23 August, 2012

Title: “Neurosurgery” Tinkering with the Structure of the mind.